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A Pakistani slide app has raised $3.6 million in series A funding round-up

A Pakistani slide app has raised $3.6 million in series A funding round-up


A Pakistani slide app has raised $3.6 million in series A funding round-up

The amazing lock screen slideApp for mobile users has become very popular in a very short time span. a few days back they have announced their funding series round A has gone up to $3.6 million dollars.

This round and overall funding were led by a leading South Korean firm (Songhyun Investment). This app facilitates users for reading feeds directly without unlocking their screen.
Junaid Malik is really a graceful personality and CEO of this slideApp, said

Slide is the first of its kind product in the country and our organic growth reflects the likability of the product. Advertisers in Pakistan are taking a lot of mileage through Slide as their ad is the first thing a user sees when smartphone is opened

Ending up the conversation, he concluded

Closing this round is a matter of pride for the Pakistan technology circle as it puts us on top of the Mobile App pyramid and we look forward to becoming Pakistan’s biggest publishing platform.

Little about SlideApp


Just Over a year ago Slide mobile app has introduced and quickly it has gained a huge following. Not just in Pakistan but in forty-two other countries too. The core functionality that makes this app standing out from millions of other app brings news articles directly to the user’s screen without unlocking his phone and offer them reward for every article they read. This reward can be utilized in generous and other charity cause.

Junaid Malik said in an interview

I am not surprised with our immense growth. The growth confirms that our strategy and efforts are in the right direction. Our aim is to live in every android phone of the country and is focused on introducing more meaningful integrations on the platform.

This app had just an amazing market record. In just initial 8 months after it launching it garnered around 1 million downloads. Soon after few months, this countdown increased to an impressive count of 5 million downloads.

Wrapping words

The team was very happy and determined on the recent growth and scale. Junaid mentioned that the recent funding of 3.6 million will add an edge to their continual growth. They will make more user-friendly moreover, they will strengthen their brand image.

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