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4 strengths that make ISI Pakistan lead in world ranking

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4 strengths that make ISI Pakistan lead in world ranking

ISI is one of the best agencies in the world. It is very well organized intelligence agency. It was founded in 1948. In 1950 it was officially given the task to safeguard Pakistani interests and national security inside and outside the country. Its primary objectives are to safeguard Pakistan from all sort of threats, both outside and inside, as the country’s Cheif General Raheel Shareef clearly applauded the efforts of ISI in the national cause.


Let’s explore the world’s best human intelligence agency and its achievements for the nation.

#1 Among Largest Intelligence Agencies

The ISI is believed to be the largest intelligence group in the world because of a great number of agents employed. The sheer number of agents has never been made public due to security concerns. However, experts have estimated a figure of more than 10,000 agents employed by the ISI.

pak isi

#2 Ability to Remain Anonymous

Pakistan’s prime intelligence agency is known for its discretion and ability to keep its secrets tight! Especially when former RAW chief admitted in a statement saying:

The most powerful intelligence agency is either KGB which no more exists or ISI, because they are very anonymous

#3 Protection of Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal

Pakistan is among nine nations that possess nuclear weapons. Facing multiple threats from inside and out, the agency plays a vital role in keep the country safe especially when it comes to the sensitive locations. With plotters continue to plot against Pakistan’s nuclear assets, the agency works tirelessly to foil their plans and root them out to trash.

pak isi

#4 Best Training With Limited Funds

The ranking of ISI is in the top human intelligence agencies in the world. What makes the agency applaudable is its ability to train human workers that the agency has been training since its dawn to protect the nation.

Competing with the highest funded agencies worldwide from the developed countries, Pakistan’s ISI relies on limited funds and still outperform the competitors in uprooting the threats in a situation where the country faces threats from all corners.

This is what makes our ISI amazing and we’re proud of every single countryman serving for the national cause.

This is Shomaila here working as an article writer with apakistani team. I am A proud Muslimah.. spreading words on behalf of my nation :) as it is the responsibility of every single Pakistani to work for the betterment of his country, not much but i am still putting my best to make the hidden beauties of Pakistan visible to the world. Thank you keep reading and spreading !! :)

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