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5 beautiful cities of Pakistan that you can’t resist visiting

pakistan beautiful places


5 beautiful cities of Pakistan that you can’t resist visiting

Pakistan is am an Islamic country and it is one of the most populated countries in the world. It is very beautiful. Cultures of Pakistan are really attractive and awesome. People here belong to different cultures and mindsets.

Everything here is beautiful in its own way. So let us share with you some sentences related to different cities of Pakistan.


Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan and it is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. The beauty of Pakistan is really amazing. It has many picnic points. No doubt Islamabad is the hidden beauty and due to its hidden beauty, it has attracted many people around the world.

The capital is also among very few preplanned cities that offer an amazing scenic beauty. Being surrounded by lush green Margala hills, Islamabad is a site to be seen.


Peshawar is the capital of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is the largest city of KPK. People of Peshawar are really beautiful and food of Peshawar is also very famous for its traditional touch and . People here speak Pashto language and most of the people here belong to Pathan tribe with many other dialects that vary from little towns and villages.

The city is known for its heritage that dates centuries back and makes it a unique place to be in.


Lahore is the capital city of Punjab province. Lahore is one of the most populated cities of Pakistan. It is popular because of the historical places in it that have a unique important in Mughal history. It has one of the most beautiful and largest food streets in the world. People of Lahore are real food lovers. Waga border in Lahore is really an awesome place to go and enjoy, that connects Pakistan from India.


Karachi is the largest and most populous city in Pakistan and 7th largest and most populous urban city in the world. Being the second most populated city in the Muslim world the city has popular sites like the tomb of Quaid e Azam, the founder of the country.

In fact, the city was the first capital of the country which later got shifted to Islamabad, which was a planned setup. Karachi enjoys the amazing beach that it hosts that keeps the temperature of the metropolis moderate throughout the year. One of the most beautiful sites to be seen is the sun set that families come by sea to enjoy along with cool breezes.


Quetta is the capital of province Balochistan and is also the ninth-largest city in the country. It is The city is known as the fruit garden of Pakistan. There are a lot of gardens in Quetta. People of Quetta also belong to Pathan tribe. It is also one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan. It is an attractive destination for the tourists.


Most of the places in Pakistan are really beautiful. If we start to explore we can’t end up writing about its beauty.

This is Shomaila here working as an article writer with apakistani team. I am A proud Muslimah.. spreading words on behalf of my nation :) as it is the responsibility of every single Pakistani to work for the betterment of his country, not much but i am still putting my best to make the hidden beauties of Pakistan visible to the world. Thank you keep reading and spreading !! :)

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