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5 Pakistani creative fashion brands that are redefining creativity


5 Pakistani creative fashion brands that are redefining creativity

Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body, or furniture.Here’s to all the fashion lovers who would like to know about the most trending fashion designers.

#1 HSY (Hassan Shaharyar Yaseen)

When it comes to fashion, HSY is one of those designers whose name you will always see on the top of the list. He was salutatorian of the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (class of 2000). He is most favorite in all fashion shows of Asia and Europe. He is very genius and hard worker man in the fashion industry.The brand’s inspiration is distinctly Eastern peppered with Western influences.


Hassan Sheheryar Yasin is the fashion force behind his label and has been referred to as the ‘New King of Couture’ by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. The flagship studio of this fashion designer is currently in the cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore.

#2 Deepak Perwani

Deepak perwani is the most brilliant fashion designers. He is famous for men’s dress designing; but the creative department of fashion designer Deepak Parwani is not only restricted within the boundaries of Men’s wear like Groom Sherwani, embroidered Kurta but he also designs the bridal wear along with bridal accessories and mehndi dresses.


Deepak Parwani has also participated in several national and international Fashion shows and showcased his designing items. Like the Dubai Fashion show, and the Zargalli premier, are the places where Fashion designer Deepak Parwani has earned a lot of fame and appreciation. Fashion designer Deepak Parwani is also a winner of LUX and Indus Style awards.

#3 Maria B

Maria B is one of the famous fashion designers of Pakistan, also known as the pillar of Pakistani fashion. Maria B has a vast experience in the fashion industry as she has launched a number of fashion collections right from the time she has started t designed the personalities of the women and with every new fashion collection her command of the style and designs are getting increased as we can see.


#4 Nomi Ansari

He is including in those fashion designers who are the legend in themselves. Every single year he provides us best and top class wedding outfits.


He has an ability to surprise everyone with his stunning clothes. No doubt that fashion designing is an art and everybody cannot do it. Today Nomi Ansari has become the most famous designer of Pakistan’s fashion industry.

#5 Zara shahjahan


Zara Shahjahan is the emerging talent in fashion industry of Pakistan. She is the Pakistani fashion designer in her own due to the reason of revitalizing trends in Pakistan through her strong affiliation with culture and heritage.Zara Shahjahan recently opened its a flagship store in Lahore and her pret line is available across all the major cities of Pakistan and also in Dubai.

Saba is an enthusiastic journalist with a Computer Science degree, that enables her to analyze latest happenings from a creativity techy perspective.

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