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54,000 Child Laborers Enrolled in Govt Schools For Free


54,000 Child Laborers Enrolled in Govt Schools For Free

Over the past decade, Pakistan is fighting for the elimination of child labor while several number of NGO’s are assisting in achieving the goal. Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif exclaimed that around 54,000 children have been removed from brick kilns where they were employed in miserable conditions, and enrolled in schools for free so that they can get education, which is their basic human right.

In a meeting with the Head of Department for International Development (DFID), he said that a system has been put in place which will allow these children to gain free education, free uniforms, books and stipend will be also provided  to the children who toiled at brick kilns previously, so that they can study. The Head of DFID to Pakistan also spoke at the meeting and stated that DFID is looking to collaborate with the Punjab government in various sectors; education, health, solid waste management and clean drinking water.

Child Labor:

According to different laws which have been considered over the time period of the past few years regarding child labor has really helped in reducing the number of children employment but still that is not enough and child labor is still an issue that we are actually facing today. According to a report of 2013 reagrding child labor Pakistan was third on the list after Mauritania and Haiti. Along with a survey in 2012 which was conducted by ILO 12.5 million children were involved in child labor in Pakistan.While the number for domestic child labor was 264,000 in a 2004.


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