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Army of One – Is Nicolas Cage really coming to Pakistan?


Army of One – Is Nicolas Cage really coming to Pakistan?

Are you a Hollywood fan? If yes, then we definitely have a good news for you.

Nicolas Cage, who is a well known Hollywood actor is not coming to Pakistan but he will appear to be in Pakistan in his movie which is coming out in the first week of November and its called “Army of One”.


Think of any role, any character and this guy can totally show you how it’s  played. Even if you think regarding the movies he has already done you wont be able to see any of his work which is not up to the mark. His acting experience is just incredible, he is working over a past decade and his work is commendable. Movies like The City Of Angels , Ghost Rider and Gone in 60 seconds represent his complete devotion towards his career as an actor.


Army of one

The movie which is expected to be released in the first week of November is “Army of one”. It is based on a true story in which Nicolas Cage plays Gary Faulkner. Its looks like a hilarious comedy movie, in it Cage is able to perceive visions from God in order to hunt Osama Bin Laden and he follows them.

This movie is captured in Morocco and Vancouver, but the movie will depict Islamabad certainly coming to Pakistan for a shooting a movie about Osama Bin Laden was not considered to be safe for an American cast and crew.

nicolas cage


You guys definitely need to see this trailer which will make you watch this spectacular and hilarious movie for sure.

Enjoy !

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