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Artist Ganzolo says Pakistan is nothing what media portrays


Artist Ganzolo says Pakistan is nothing what media portrays

Gonzalo solo a well-known artist was sent by the Argentine embassy to Pakistan in order to celebrate 65 years of bilateral relationships with Pakistan exhibit his work at Satrang Art Gallery, Islamabad.


Gonzalo solo’s work was displayed in Pakistan ten years back along with the work of some seniors artists and that exhibition was also organized by the embassy. He exclaimed that his trip which was of eight days was incredible and he found Pakistan totally opposite to what media tries to portray. He made a lot of friends here in Lahore as well as in Islamabad and he also intends to plan a trip to Pakistan in which he could explore more about it

Gonzalo’s work is based on traveling whatever he sees he just try to capture it within his brain and that just automatically shows up in his work and he says that all the motifs that he witnessed in Badshahi Mosque will definitely come up in his work and he was totally inspired by all the designs he saw in Pakistan, that is what an artist’s soul is all about at the end of the day they see things what a normal human naked eye cannot.

He has already visited Europe and North America but now he is not able to continue his traveling like before because of his family, especially his children who barely understand the reason of his leaving home.


Gonzalo solo was basically in Pakistan for his one day workshop, of second-year students which were at National College of Arts, and it continued for a day without any breaks.

He brought his abstract geometrical pieces which represented space and venues i.e cinemas. He was very happy after working with the talented students of NCA and his main focus was to bring out the subconscious of every individual which would make them a better artist, in the days to come.

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