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aPakistani goes from biryani wala to online ustaad- A million dollar inspiration


aPakistani goes from biryani wala to online ustaad- A million dollar inspiration

                 The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Above saying belongs to the story of a tremendously hard working, passionate and dedicated soul set out on a journey of educating him and those around him into defining their futures.

From biryani wala to online ustaad- A million dollar

Abdul Wali, known as Online Ustaad, is an entrepreneur none like the ones heard before. Being one of the top 10 most successful bloggers of Pakistan, Wali has contributed excessively to the field of online education in Pakistan and around the world. With absolutely no previous educational background himself, Wali struggled through life to achieve what he has today and serves as an inspiration to not only the students of the world but also to the unfortunate lesser kids of our nation. His belief and reason to success in life are always to stay patient and determined no matter what life throws at you.

Early Life – The Struggle To Survive

Born in Banjo Jinsi, the tribal areas of FATA, Abdul Wali came from a family of strict dads. Being brought up in a household where education was considered the root of corruption for a human being, Wali was never sent to school and was forced to join madrassa at a very young age but having no interest in it, Wali ran away a couple of times before his father realized he should be put to work.

At the age of 7, Abdul Wali and his family moved to Peshawar due to financial issues from a great loss in the family business. After two years of selling bags and devices on the streets of Afghan Khyber Bazaar, they moved to Lahore where his uncle in blood convinced them to come to Karachi, to try their luck in businesses.

On 26th March 2000, Abdul Wali along with his family moved to Karachi and for seven years sold fruits, vegetables, and biryani on a bus stop near Baldia Town. It was during this period of constant struggle and hardships that Wali realized he was capable and worthy of achieving much more in life than selling goods on the streets of Pakistan and decided to mold his future himself.

The Journey Towards Educating Himself

Starting small and with what he had in hand, Wali learned Urdu and Pashto from the newspapers he found on the streets. In 2008, he purchased his first ever desktop computer and spent a good 7 to 8 months trying to understand it but all in vain before a friend named Asif Iqbal decided to offer him help.
With twenty days of continuous determination and hard work Wali was now able to work with computers and in 2009 decided to enroll himself in professional courses to build his self-confidence and increase his knowledge.

Achieving Success by Putting His Education To Use

From biryani wala to online ustaad- A million dollar

In 2009 while learning new courses, Abdul Wali came to know about earning money online through blogging and decided to put his knowledge to use. Ever since then he has been in the SEO and online market. Today after eight years of struggling but being determined, he is one of the top instructors at Udemy with over 60,000 international students benefitting from his 27 courses uploaded there. His courses mainly cover web and Android development and offer help to those not so fluent in English.

In 2011, Abdul Wali started Online Ustaad, a website that serves as an educational platform for the people of Pakistan and India where courses are uploaded in their native languages for easier understanding and learning. With over 1000+ courses uploaded on Online Ustaad and hundreds of people benefiting from it, Wali has become one of the pioneers of the revolution of online education in Pakistan using Urdu as the base language.
Along with these Wali also has other active websites like,, etc. in use.

Achievements In Life

From biryani wala to online ustaad- A million dollar

2014 – Webversity &

In 2014, Abdul Wali received an Award of Honor by Webversity and for conducting training sessions at one of the best online training centers.

2012- Pak Web Xone:

In 2012, he was recognized for his work and awarded appreciation by Pak Web Xone.

2013 – Global Solutions Karachi:

Global Solutions Karachi acknowledged him for his exceptional dedication with an Award of Excellence in 2013.

Course Certificates and Teaching Experience

Expert Computer Institute

Received a certificate for completing Information Technology course from Expert Computer Institute in 2009.

Karachi Computer Institute

In 2010, he completed diploma in Information Technology from Karachi Computer Institute.

Ingenious Communication Karachi

From Ingenious Communication Karachi he received a certificate and experience letter in SEO (2011)

Apanage Computer Centre

Completed Graphics Designing Course by Apanage Computer Centre in Orangi town, Karachi (2012)

Al Khalid Academy

One year teaching experience certificate from Al Khalid Academy

Interests and Hobbies

From biryani wala to online ustaad- A million dollar

Apart from being extremely fond of teaching, Abdul Wali loves to travel. So far he has been to 22 countries and hoped to visit them all one day. His advice to everyone is always to follow what your heart says and never to let people define your abilities and dreams for you.

Wali’s Advice for Pakistan’s Schooling System

His advice the schooling system of Pakistan is to keep their standards up to date. With an educational system that is outdated, it is the students that suffer the most. Kids should be taught at younger ages about the importance of technology, the internet, and entrepreneurship in today’s world and encouraged to explore their field of interests with full freedom.

We all should learn from examples set by people like Abdul Wali that nothing in this world is impossible and for one to attain success he needs to know how to fall a hundred times before he can get up. Patience and never losing hope are the keys to being efficacious in life.

I am not a pakistani, I am Pakistan, I love to live and die here, I love writing especially when it comes to technology & programming (Founder at, Em pure and alive I like music only when I travel and love coding only in the case when there is peace all around.

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