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BMW all set to launch cheaper models in Pakistan


BMW all set to launch cheaper models in Pakistan

You might have heard regarding the Renault setting up a car assembly plant in Pakistan in 2018. The step to the auto policy seems to be very effective. BMW now wants to expand the business here in Pakistan by introducing new models of lower and average range with respect to the price of the BMW cars. The launch of BMW X1 is an example of the effort made by them.


The Managing Director of BMW Middle East Group Johannes Seibert exclaimed that the BMW X1 is launched to fascinate the people who are currently using car of other brands and he also told that they have designed a new model with a very reasonable price range. BMW X1 will definitely attract all the customers who want to switch car in the search of a better car brand.

The cost of X1 is Rs. 3.99 million and is already being scouted by brand conscious customers. BMW has received 120 pre-orders from Pakistan already for the new X1, which will start shipping from February 2017.


Deewan Motors and BMW – Pakistan:

Deewan motors and BMW are in a partnership since 2004 in Pakistan. The car makers have received a positive customer feedback on the 2 models(i.e X5 40e and 330e) and they account for about 15% of the company’s total sales in Pakistan. BMW usually sells 150 cars every year while 2016 proved to be a very fine year for BMW as 30% more cars were sold than the cars sold in 2015.

Dewan Motors’ Chairman Dewan Muhammad Yousuf exclaimed that according to the framework they will sell 250 cars in 2017. He further added that as a lot of developments are taking place in Pakistan, especially after the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, demand is rising.

They are geared up for whatever would be necessary, in this category they are proactive and will go aggressively as per demand and will invest further to expand its operations.

Car Assembly Plant:

The Car makers of BMW right now don’t intend to open a car assembly plant in Pakistan but Seibert said that they are open to anything and willing to discuss anything in this regard. If they get enough sales in 2017 they could think about setting up a local assembly plant in Pakistan in the near future.

However, all this depends on the number of sales if BMW get enough buyers then the car Assembly plant will be set up in Pakistan.




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