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Careem Introduces Most Affordable Tezz Rickshaw Service


Careem Introduces Most Affordable Tezz Rickshaw Service

If you do build a great experience, clients tell each other about that.World of mouth is very powerful.
― Ravi Chauhan

Knowing the customer needs their budget and expectations comes above everything else. Founded in 2012, Careem is the Dubai-based e-cab service in Pakistan and amending its services according to its users’ ease. This time Careem introducing ‘Tezz Rickshaw’ service in Karachi and Lahore.

After the aspiring success of e-hailing car service, women drivers, Careem Shaadi service and now this (Careem’s Tezz Rickshaw). Careem is all set to launch its auto-rickshaw service in Karachi and Lahore. Pakistanis mostly use auto rickshaw as a riding medium. This Tezz Rickshaw will help to reduce the traffic and provide an additional ease in budget too. Originally, this rickshaw service will charge Rs. 60 or Rs.75 and it will vary accordingly. The managing director of Careem Junaid Iqbal said

Rickshaws are the transport lifeline for Pakistan’s urban populace. They operate out of stands, which makes for highly inefficient dispatching. We are doing a pilot project to see how well our technology can help accentuate the incomes of rickshaw drivers and provide a more economical option for commuters, woven with the ease that our technology provides.

Careem promised that it would keep providing high quality with extra comforts and this hailing rickshaw service will be the most affordable and accessible medium of transportation for all Pakistanis.

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