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Chaiwala Islamabad: 8 hilarious tweets from India, Pakistan

chaiwala islamabad
credits: Javeria


Chaiwala Islamabad: 8 hilarious tweets from India, Pakistan

Pakistan is a land that is known for its beautiful people all around the world, not just by looks but from the heart as well. A recent Internet sensation Chaiwala from Islamabad, Pakistan is an 18-year old Arshad Khan from Mardan. His father came to Islamabad about 25 years ago, to serve his 17 siblings.

How he got world famous?

Arshad khan (tagged as Chaiwala on Internet when first sighted) was photographed from Javeria, also recognized as ‘Jiah,’ Ali. She shared Arshad’s image on her Instagram which soon went viral all across Pakistan, India and countries around the world including United States.

Interesting Tweets from Indians featuring ‘Chaiwala’ from Islambad, Pakistan

Other Tweets




Our good wishes are with Arshad Khan and we hope that he actually gets substantial out of his fame that changes his life for the good.

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