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Cleanry, Pakistan’s first pick and drop laundry service makes life easier!



Cleanry, Pakistan’s first pick and drop laundry service makes life easier!

Dry cleaning online service? Yes you heard that right ! Cleanry which is Pakistan’s first online home laundry service, they have notched something new for sure. The startup functions in a way that it will take the clothes from your doorstep and return within a period of 48hours.


What else we can even wish for? Life was never this easy!

Even if you are a student who is living in a hostel or even an office worker who is not able to live with his family or a housewife, who feels trouble washing clothes, than Cleanry is the service that you’d be appreciating for years to come. You just don’t have to worry about even going to the laundry service, it is at your doorstep.

What you will definitely enjoy are the rates which you will feel are just so right for you, apart from it one must check out their packages which are totally according to our requirements even if it comes to a family. This service can be easily enjoyed by everyone.


Capturing cities

The group of boys are working together after their complete success in Karachi. They plan to make different branches in major and important cities of Pakistan within the next couple or months. They plan to move forward and tend to provide their customers an entire new level of luxury. People predict the future, they are definitely here to create their own.

Way to go team Cleanry!

Saba is an enthusiastic journalist with a Computer Science degree, that enables her to analyze latest happenings from a creativity techy perspective.

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