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Pakistan gets its first electric car charging station launched



Pakistan gets its first electric car charging station launched

Yes, I am talking about electro-mobility. This Tuesday, Dewan motors – the BMW importers in Pakistan, inaugurated Pakistan’s first ChargeNow electric charging station at Emporium Mall in the provincial capital(Lahore).
Hence, Dewan Motors are called pioneer of an electric charging station in Pakistan and this station is going to be the first charging station in the middle east region.

Insights from the event

Dewan motors are the well-known importer of BMW and it launched it’s very first electric station within the service called ChargeNow network which will make it able to collaborate with charging points throughout the global network.

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Johannes Seibert- The Managing director of BMW middle east group, said during the event that

“Today is an important milestone for the BMW Group. Not only does it mark the inauguration of the first public BMW charging station in Pakistan but also the first in the entire region. We call this service BMW Char­geNow.”

Further, he added

“Dewan Motors’ investment in this technology is a significant step in supporting the BMW Group’s vision to offer electro-mobility internationally, and in providing easy access to charging stations for customers of our plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles”

Dewan Mohammad Yousuf Farooqui – the Chairman of Dewan Motors, expressed his thoughts about the initiative

“The latest BMW plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles offer even greater mobility than the conventional hybrid vehicles making it possible to have everyday motoring purely on electric mode with practically little to no requirement for fossil fuels”

The term electro-mobility isn’t new but relatively new in Pakistan.Being a Pakistani you must have seen a handful japan-based electrical cars. Besides Toyota, which is a Chinese importer, BMW also introducing many electric cars which use a new technology called eDrive like BMW i8.

Due to energy crises and pollution, automobile engineers and manufacturers from all over the world headed together and putting their efforts to bring out best possibilities for electric cars and this ChargeNow station is going to be a step ahead same thought.

Wrapping thoughts

The idea is unique and the initiative is tremendous. Since Pakistan is witnessing such energy and pollution crises which need to be solved even partially up to some extent. This ChargeNow station adds a value as according to Yousuf Farooqui, there will be least emissions and amazing fuel savings using this electro-mobility concept. Hence this will bring a very positive change on foreign exchange services of Pakistan.

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