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Pakistani entrepreneur makes a living by selling charged batteries to fruit vendors



Pakistani entrepreneur makes a living by selling charged batteries to fruit vendors

Pakistan is the land of creative minds where we have always seen smart minds rising up the ladders of entrepreneurship since the beginning. Entrepreneurship is the basic characteristic of human nature and we all have that in our blood. Every human, even if they are illiterate, from not so developed regions would know what’s positive for his life. A human by nature strives to attain a better livelihood.

Some happen to have sharp minds and are more action taking then others upon their dreams which sets them apart from the crowd.

That’s what makes them unique later down the years to come.

This story is of a Pakistani entrepreneur who rents out charged batteries to the near by market fruit vendors and carts. Fruit sellers don’t have access to electricity for their little portable carts, and this idea is perfectly tapped by our beloved country man.


May Allah give more baraqah in his livelihood. He delivers the charged battery all day long and charges 70 Rs/- per day for them. Later down the day, he collects them on to his motorcycle powered custom made buggy, that he rides back to home.

The next day he joins back the community with charged batteries again and earns his livelihood.

Take Away

I see so many brothers around in Pakistan that complain about no jobs being available. True and we know that jobs are far less than what the figures need to be. The question of the day is, what next? Lets think out side the box and work for it.

This brother has to feed his family, where he doesn’t have ‘option’ to sit back in AC rooms and complain about less jobs. Lets put together our thoughts and lets not feel ashamed to start any business! No business is humiliating.

Everyone starts small, and who knows and we all pray that this brother (name unknown) would go far beyond this InshaAllah.

Best of luck to all the creative minds. Lets not be lazy! Get up and follow your dreams.

Hassam is the founder of aPakistani mindset that aims to portray a positive image of Pakistan in all fields. He has also known for his other popular blogs in various niches that earned him a loyal following. As a Pakistani, its our duty to contribute in spreading the positive image of our country InshaAllah and we'd need your support to help us with it.

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