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First Pakistani women who has joined the Bomb disposal squad



First Pakistani women who has joined the Bomb disposal squad

Rafia Qaseem Baig is a Pakistani beautiful, brave and splendid soul who and belongs to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and has become the first Pakistani women who have joined the BOMB DISPOSAL UNIT (BDU) Pakistan.

Rafia is just of 29, she became policewomen 7 years ago back in 2009. When a bomb blast incident occurred near the session court at the very first day of her police force and she decided to turn to join the force and BDU Pakistan.

She started working there at BDU after completing her 15 days training in which she learned about different things, strategies and ways to define the situation and handle accordingly from the school of Explosive handling Nowshera along with 31 other male members.

This is something really incredible and inspiring particularly in such a province like KPK. This woman has entered into a domain where men think a hundred of times before being the part of (Bomb disposal or firefighting).

Rafia’s message
Rafia wants to spread the message to the entire world that how much we women are and she declared that she isn’t afraid to lose her life.

Rafia said,

If KP’s women are so daring, imagine what level of courage male soldiers possess. It will be a matter of pride for me and my family if I sacrifice my life for the country while tackling explosives to save people’s lives.

She is still a student and she always highlights the importance of education. She is preparing for her LLB exam which will be in the coming year.

Besides being brave and strong policewomen, she is a singer and nation came to know about her this talent when she sang “Hamara Parcham” at the Yom-e-Shaudada event took place at Nishtar Hall Peshawar.

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