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Gen. Fang Fenghui : China and Pakistan are “Iron Brothers” with the all-weather partnership


Gen. Fang Fenghui : China and Pakistan are “Iron Brothers” with the all-weather partnership

Pak-China relationship is widely recognized and it is the most reliable relation that Pakistan has since so long. China has been a traditional best friend of Pakistan and has supported it by every mean. No doubt Pakistan has the most influential support of China either in a case of military support or diplomatic support, on the other hand, Pakistan is the biggest importer of China for defense and military equipment.


General Fang Fenghui who is the chief of the joint staff department and a member of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC), met with General Mahmood Hayat who is the chief of general staff of the Pakistan Army to discuss the military relationship and joining hands for the betterment of both countries.

Gen. Fang Fenghui said:

China and Pakistan are “Iron Brothers” with the all-weather partnership.

In addition to the above, Gen. Fang stated.

The Chinese side is willing to make joint efforts with the Pakistani side to achieve the two countries’ common development, so as to benefit the peoples of the two countries.


This discussion will bring influential results in security, military and defense sectors as both countries want peace and they oppose of all sorts of terrorism and extremism. Since China convey its complete support to Pakistan in all the situation and appreciate its efforts and sacrifices at all levels.

Fang declared that China is willing to work with Pakistan military to strengthen the communication and pragmatic cooperation through joint exercises and training programs utilizing quadrilateral cooperation and anti-terrorism activities.

We hope that both countries will strengthen their military relationship and they both will be continue supporting each other in terms of security, economic and military peace and stability.

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