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HEC will launch Online Degree Attestation & Verification Services Next Year


HEC will launch Online Degree Attestation & Verification Services Next Year

You must be tired of all the stories which were on air regarding fake degree, the idea and the concept of fake degree was certainly getting very common. Even the experts couldn’t differentiate between the fake and the original ones which the help of a naked eye. But now this won’t continue any longer because Higher Education Commission (HEC) will now introduce an online system. This efficient system will not only attest the degrees but it will also verify whether the degree is valid or not. This system will be also helpful for the determination of equivalence and recognition of certificates and diplomas awarded by institutions on national and international level.

For those who want to get their degrees attested online, they will simply have to upload the relevant documents (Academic credentials, Identity documents). The system will check and verify the information of the applicant with the help of NADRA and Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR) database. Controller of Examinations will have the access to view the documents and if the documents are found to be authentic the system will attest the document and the applicant will be contacted.

Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR)

The information database of the univerisites is PQR. All the information regarding the campus, departments, faculty, level of education, degree programs offered, are all saved in the database fr the record. The system of attestation will be connected to NADRA and PQR so if in any case the records are not found on the database the degree of the individual will not be attested. NADRA and PQR will act as filters and thus this unfair idea of fake degree will be eliminated very soon.
On the other hand Controller of Examination will also play a very important role. In this filteration process the access of the system will be given to the Controller of Examination so they can view the uploaded scanned copies of the applicants; be it degree, transcript or the provisional certificate.

The degree will be verifired within 24 hours and if its not verified within 24 hours then the universities will be notified Via email which will be helpful in the completion of the process. This system will be launched in the year 2017.


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