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How Pakistani policeman treats an Indian visitor in Pakistan


How Pakistani policeman treats an Indian visitor in Pakistan

Sawara Bhaskar, an actress from India wanted to know about Pakistan, she visited Pakistan. Sawara wants  to check the hospitality of the opponent country. Her father is serving as a government employee so it wasn’t a hard job for her to find a secure venue for the living of his daughter.

She started to explore from Lahore so she went out at night in Lahore and got lost. She was so worried as the image of Pakistan and Pakistani people was negative in her mind so she couldn’t control her fear. Somehow luckily she got to a traffic policeman. She wanted to call him so she said “JANAB” instead of “BHAIYA”. He asked her about the place where she lived in order to send her on.

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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He asked her about the place where she lived in order to send her on the respective bus so that she can go to the place where she was having residence. He took her to the bus stop. While they were waiting for the bus he asked her if she is an Indian and in fear, she said “yes”.

She thought that now she is in trouble. When the bus came the policeman said something to the driver and the bus conductor which took the lady to the next level she wasn’t expecting this answer.

The policeman said, “She is our guest, make sure that she reaches home safely. I want you to accompany her to the doorstep”. He shared his contact number with her so that if there is any kind of issue in  the way she could inform him and ask for help.

This was the hospitality she got from the opponent country. This was the positivity she received from the people she always had a negative image for. Politics is what create barriers between the hearts to love each other. Once these barriers and politics are separated from the hearts people will understand the real meaning of love and humanity.

This is Shomaila here working as an article writer with apakistani team. I am A proud Muslimah.. spreading words on behalf of my nation :) as it is the responsibility of every single Pakistani to work for the betterment of his country, not much but i am still putting my best to make the hidden beauties of Pakistan visible to the world. Thank you keep reading and spreading !! :)

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