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Inspirational Journey of young Pakistani from Mariabad to LUMS and then Harvard

journey of karrar hussain from mariabad to harvard


Inspirational Journey of young Pakistani from Mariabad to LUMS and then Harvard

One by one, step by step, slowly but surely you will get your dreams if you have faith. Though no one can control the destiny but can give his best to get the dreams and plans executed well. Today we are going to share an inspirational and one of its kind story that will surely make you surprise.

This is the story of the young guy- Karrar Hussain Jaffar, who lived in Mariabad which is located near Quetta. He belonged to a very poor tribal family where people sell tea, dry fruits and warm clothes to run their families.
Mariabad is a place where people rarely educate their children. Out of all these souls, there was a trader who sold Quaid’s style caps to bear his family living expense dreamed to educated his son. Karrar’s father always used to show him different scholarship ads of those universities which bear all the pays for those students who can not afford the fee.
Karrar, himself very exceptional student, he expressed:

“My childhood friends, with whom I spent my youth playing cricket, drive suzukis and rickshaws in Quetta for a living, while I am a Ph.D. student in the US,” says Karrar in a humble tone. “I often wonder why God chose me, out of all the people in my community, to get ahead in life?”

Journey from Cadet College to LUMS- By Karrar

 lums university lahore

“I was doing my FSc at Cadet college and didn’t even know a single thing about LUMS at that point in time,” he fondly recollects. “I didn’t take the ad seriously because LUMS did not offer engineering, the field I was interested in.”

But, soon after winters, he attended a presentation by LUMS, in which they introduced the outreach program.

He continued,

“At the end of the presentation we all took a pre-screening exam,” he explains. “A few weeks later, I got a letter from LUMS inviting me to attend sponsored classes for SAT preparation.”

He expressed his feelings about LUMS:

“I never knew things could be so orderly and perfect; it was like I was in a foreign country,” he remarks. “I felt very motivated to study hard and join the institution.”

Everything was not this much linear as seem he had much difficulty with English.
He Commented:

“I had always dismissed English as a colonial remnant in our country so I really struggled while preparing for the test.”

With complete and flawless dedication Karrar Cleared the screening exam and got the full scholarship by LUMS. LUMS helped him a lot to manage with new people and a new atmosphere, though everything like the new world for him but anyhow he did manage.

He Said.

“I was used to wearing shalwar kameez, but at LUMS most people were wearing jeans. I would greet people by saying salaam, while the other students would ask ‘what’s up?’” “But after a year I managed to befriend other students from Lyceum and Karachi Grammar school.”

From LUMS to Harvard

 harvard university

Soon after graduation from LUMS with excellent grades he got so many jobs offers from leading banks and related enterprises but he has chosen to follow an academic career on words.Right after one year of graduation, he got a full bright scholarship in the United states.

He explained,

“I simply told the interview panel that I want to come back to Balochistan after completing my studies. That’s where my home is; that’s where I belong,”

It was certainly the best moment of his life when he felt that he made his dreams lead him to Harvard University.

“I had no internet at home in Mariabad so I walked 15 minutes or so to a nearby internet cafe to check my email for Harvard’s decision,” he explains. “When I saw the acceptance email, I just thought it was too good to be true.”

He explained while smiling.

“My mother asked me what Harvard was and my father asked me to wait for potential offers by other universities,” he says with a laugh. “It took a while to convince them that I got into the world’s top university.”

Lums helped me a lot to dealing with different type of people who belong to different cultures and religions.

“After LUMS, I was very used to being around different types of people so studying and living in the US was not such a problem.”

He has completed his MS last year and pursuing Ph.D. in Economics from a Well-known university in California.
Upon he question that how he is going to serve for his community he replied.

“I want to increase educational awareness in Balochistan—particularly amongst people from my community,”

He thanked his family and said.

“Because of all that I achieved, my parents allowed my sister to get college education in Lahore and my brother got the motivation to get a scholarship to study in Australia”

Main goal of Karrar is to motivate his community people to understand the value of education.

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