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Inspiring Pakistani daughter and mother duo has increased the bar for women


Inspiring Pakistani daughter and mother duo has increased the bar for women

When you grow up the society is already telling you what you have to go for, but not what you want for yourself as a girl or even a human. But not anymore! Now we have someone who is Brave enough to follow her dreams. Razia Banu, a 19-year-old girl who is super smart and powerful just like her mother, she is all set to enter the professional world of boxing.


She was introduced to the ring last year after watching the funeral of the legendary boxer Mohammad Ali, who is her inspiration. The struggle of this little girl was not easy but of course ‘where there is a will there is a way’, She belonged to a poor family while her father passed away five years back but her mother who is a very strong woman and a boxer has always been a support.

In this photograph taken on October 6, 2016, 19-year-old Pakistani boxer Razia Banu (L) uses a punching bag during a practice session at the Pak Shaheen Boxing Club in Karachi. Slim, powerful, and with an unwavering gaze, 19-year-old Razia Banu jabs at the face of her opponent -- her own mother, a widow inspired to join her daughter in smashing taboos in Pakistan's sultry port city Karachi. Mother and daughter are both dressed in loose athletic gear, with scarfs wrapped around their heads instead of helmets, as they punch one another in an exhibition bout at the Pak Shaheen Boxing Club in Lyari, Karachi's most restive -- and sporty -- neighbourhood. / AFP PHOTO / ASIF HASSAN / To go with 'Pakistan women social boxing, FEATURE' by Ashraf Khan

Life of Razia was not easy already when she asked her mother for the admission in the boxing club which started last year, the first for women in all of Pakistan. Her mother, Haleema Abdul Aziz was also a boxer and she couldn’t deny her daughter’s request and as a supportive mother, she agreed and allowed Razia to follow her dream and get the groove on.

Haleema, her mother wasn’t even having the money for her admission in the boxing club and even for her studies. She couldn’t afford the school fee of her daughter, but this couldn’t stop Razia from following her dreams.

Let’s not forget to mention the hurdles which she faced as women ! It was not easy going to Boxing club while living in an area like liyari, which is deeply conservative. But she is one of those who overcomes to every hurdle that comes in their way towards their goal.

She now works as a receptionist in the morning and attends her college where she studies commerce. She reaches the boxing club in the evenings with her mother. There she drills punching bags and balloons, skipping rope, then practice bouts with some of the other 20 young girls who make up the club.


Haleema Abdul Aziz, her mother plans to become good enough to coach girls herself one day. Her daughter aims even higher she wishes to box in the Olympics and not only just participate but she wants the Gold medal, she also mentioned that she will keep striving for her goals because she knows that the hard work always pays off.

Saba is an enthusiastic journalist with a Computer Science degree, that enables her to analyze latest happenings from a creativity techy perspective.

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