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Karachi UberAuto Service – now for Rs.3 Per KM only


Karachi UberAuto Service – now for Rs.3 Per KM only

After the expansion of Careem in the major cities of Pakistan, now Uber has taken this incredible initiative by announcing the launch of rickshaw service in Karachi i.e UberAuto.

Rickshaws are major means of transport as far as the population and the traffic of Karachi is concerned, now with the UberAuto you can visit any place in Karachi with the rates as low as Rs.3 Per Kilometer.
Uber intends to expand this UberAuto service in other major cities of Pakistan for the convenience of the citizens. Uber has particuarly launched this AutoUber service for the benefit of the citizens of Karachi concerning financial help and time saving while hailing a ride.

UberAuto will be giving 5 free rides up to Rs.75 till 27th of November, the way it did in Lahore. On the other hand, rates for UberAuto in were Lahore Rs.4 per KM but keeping in mind the population of Karachi It has lowered its rates i.e Rs.3 per Km.

A precise sample of the fares is given below.


How to use:

The process of hailing an UberAuto ride is very simple and easy, and it is mentioned below.

  1. Download and open the Uber app.
  2. Enter  your promo code ‘FREEAUTO’.
  3. Slide the icon to ‘uberAUTO’.
  4. Confirm your pickup location and request for a ride.  uberauto


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