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Kazola Chatbot allows users to interact, order pizza, book a ticket, reserve a hotel room, check weather and more


Kazola Chatbot allows users to interact, order pizza, book a ticket, reserve a hotel room, check weather and more

There are very few Pakistani tech companies that offer a complete office solution in terms of workflow management, ability to create standalone applications and recipes i.e more than one apps that join together to serve a purpose.

Previously featured here on the blog, aPakistani startup named Kazola is out with a modern chat platform that aims to increase the productivity of a work environment as well as helping personals on an individual basis with workflows, task management, team chatting coupled with modern artificial intelligence.

Check out how Kazola’s AI-Chat bot sets its self apart from the competition, giving a new dimension to the chat interface. You can head over to Kazola’s feature lay down to explore more of what the platform has to offer.

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Kazola Apps (Workflow apps, Recipes apps)

Workflow Apps

Kazola offers two types of application creation that get integrated within the platform. One being the workflow apps that feature a form submission designed to achieve a particular workflow.

For example, a user could create a poll form and assigns that to his followers. Once the followers start submitting a form as a response, a user can study the data received in various forms of charts. Likewise, a restaurant using Kazola platform could create an app to capture Pizza orders from customers as shown in the image below.


Likewise, the same application could be executed via Kazola (Kai) Chatbot that would serve the contents fo the applications in a sequence of questions.

The Pakistani startup gives, even more, power to link multiple Workflow apps together giving an opportunity to develop comprehensive workflows and task management toolset.

Recipe Apps

Likewise, there are Recipes that are a combination of mini-skills that serve as a trigger or an action, together offering a set of functionality.

For example, a Recipe could be made, that forwards daily weather report to you via SMS. This Recipe would comprise of a trigger i.e Weather Report and an action i.e ‘Send SMS’. As soon as a daily weather report comes at a certain time, SMS gets generated to your desired phone number.

Trigger: Weather Report

Action: Send SMS

Recipe: Kai can bring you today’s weather report and Send an SMS from the device.

Develop for Kazola – Earning Through Your App

Kazola attracts developers to develop apps on Kazola platform that would then be published on the Kazola App Store. Users could then install the apps on their profile and use them with their chat bots or as a standalone feature.

If you’re a developer, you could publish your paid apps and monetize your efforts, along with serving the Kazola community with your development.

The process is pretty similar to what the developers are already used to with Google Play Store, where they go through the process of uploading the app, setting its target audience, setting its monetization status (either paid or free) and more.

Kazola Apps in a Nutshell

Kazola platform is vast, offering a complete work solution for companies and individuals. The app framework allows users to create their own custom apps that could then be used within the modern AI-powered chat bot that serves as a personal assistant to Kazola users.

You could learn more about Kazola chat bot in our previous post in this regard.

Try Kazola for Free

Kazola offers a free version for the beginners that look forward to giving a test run to the service. You can check out more on the Kazola pricing and Getting Started page. There are also other enticing chat specific features like local desi stickers, emoticons, and GIFs coming to the Kazola chat in upcoming builds.

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