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Lifebouy – A Unilever soap now sets New World Record


Lifebouy – A Unilever soap now sets New World Record

Lifebuoy is Unilever’s health soap, it has recently celebrated the 9th global Hand washing Day (GHD) along with famous celebrities like Fahad Mustafa and Adnan siddique and few others.


High5forHandWashing is the name of this record breaking event and it was the biggest GHD (Global Hand Washing) event in Pakistan. It had 20,000 participants. Most numbers of double high fives in a relay in 60 seconds were the record broken by lifebuoy and it maked the history. Most famous Pakistani celebrities participated in this campaign some of them are Syra Shehroze, Saira Kabeer,  Zhalay Sarhdi, Sonya Hussain, Ali Zafar, Hareem Farooq and many others.

Each high five will teach 5 kids the way to wash hands properly and in this way lifebuoy will save many lives in the society. The aims of lifebuoy are really high and they intend to save more lives. The name of the platform is ‘help a child reach 5’.


The most cost-effective way to reduce diseases is to wash hands as it’s Sunnah as well. The diseases like diarrhea and pneumonia are mainly caused by dirty hands and they are most common in children. Hygiene awareness is very important and parents around the globe need to understand this for the sake of healthy lives of their young ones.

We need to spread this awareness among everyone. ‘Hands in hands together we stand’ should be our motto of life and we should help others save lives. Its not a big deal to use a good soap and keep hands clean as it can take many diseases away from us.


The worlds largest hygiene behavior change program is being run by lifebuoy. Lifebuoy is aiming to change the hand washing behavior of one billion people around the globe near 2020. GHD (Global Hand Washing) is now being held in over 100 countries and it will help in reducing the number of diseases in the years to come.

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This is Shomaila here working as an article writer with apakistani team. I am A proud Muslimah.. spreading words on behalf of my nation :) as it is the responsibility of every single Pakistani to work for the betterment of his country, not much but i am still putting my best to make the hidden beauties of Pakistan visible to the world. Thank you keep reading and spreading !! :)

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