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MULK-E-KHUDA -Abida Parveen’s new Breathtaking Soufi Song

MULK-E-KHUDA -Abida Parveen' Breathtaking Song


MULK-E-KHUDA -Abida Parveen’s new Breathtaking Soufi Song

Imaginary but nearer to life voice of our legendary Sufi singer Abida Parveen has presented a most beautiful and comforting song to its country people. The song portrays Pakistan is a perfect land as paradise on earth and its inhabitants as most beautiful and calm souls over the land.
Mainly, her new song ‘Mulk-e-Khuda’ highlights the stunning beauty of Pakistan’s landscape and the profound reality of its urban life.

Abida Parveen is an ultimate blessing for us, and her voice never skips to win her audience’ hearts. Similarly, this song is all set to rule and calm the heart of its listeners.
Song’s video captures the far-reaching beauty of Pakistan’s land from Sehwan Sharif in Sindh to all the peaceful lakes and hills of northern areas.

You can label this video as Abida Parveen’s gift at the occasion of a new year to the nation.
The lyrics of the song has been composed in Urdu and Persian. Athar and Bilal were the directors of the video which is shooted by Ammar Ashraf and produced by Amanat Ali.

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