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Pakistan Army wins 1st international Physical Ability and Combat Efficiency competition


Pakistan Army wins 1st international Physical Ability and Combat Efficiency competition

Pakistan Army has successfully wrapped up the first international combat readiness and infantry fitness competition i.e PACES 2016. This competition was held in Lahore between 18th of October to 22nd October. There were as many as 16 countries (like China, Saudi Arabia, Australia and England) which took part in this competition each team with 20 members were put into a number of physical exercises and combat relevant tests.




PACES is basically the abbreviation of Physical Ability and Combat Efficiency System, It aims for health and fitness abilities of the Pakistan Army’s regular infantry, particularly the emerging faces of counterinsurgency operations (COIN).


PACES is a significant step in terms of infantry development for Pakistan. If we clearly sketch the Image of National Counter Terrorism Center (NCTC) we observe that it is only to serve the armed forces and law enforcement agency operatives which are responsible for law enforcement in the small area with the help of their teams.

2010 onwards the mainstay of COIN has been slowly shifted to army units so that the experience of the operations like Rah-e-Haq and Rah-e-Nijat can be shared and the NCTC has up till now trained as many as 231,000 armed forces soldiers and around 3,500 officers and law enforcement teams.

NCTC and PACES play a very important role on the behalf of Army leadership for the betterment of the quality of regular infantry. We hope that they maintain their strong drive which will definitely benefit Pakistan army. Education and the training of skills with respect to the usage of modern equipment in line with emerging warfare doctrines will definitely strengthen the army for the days to come.

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