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Pakistan sets Guinness world record for ‘Longest Chain of People Clasping Wrists’

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Pakistan sets Guinness world record for ‘Longest Chain of People Clasping Wrists’

Around 2,950 young hands of BeaconHouse in collaboration with Telenor Pakistan, gathered in Jinnah Stadium, Islamabad. They have broken the Guinness World Record of holding wrist together and formed the human chain and kept it for 1 minute. Because the last record was of 2211 people. They did this in association with a campaign called “safe internet usage in Pakistan”.

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On behalf of Guinness World Records, Seyda Subasi-Gemici said:

“We congratulate everybody involved on their record-breaking achievement.”

The ‘Safe Use Of Internet ‘ Campaign

Since privacy is the right of every being, and when it comes to internet everyone concerns a lot regarding the subject. With the advancement in IT sector in Pakistan, the country is determined to tackle any security threats.

telenor pakistan
By keeping this in mind, Telenor Pakistan did such a great job in term of cyber security. They centered their annual day devoted to customers on taking a stand for the safe internet. They visited different schools and public areas to give the awareness of using the internet to thousands of young students and to their parents.

Memorable words from the executives

Almost all the employees of Telenor Pakistan and the students of BeaconHouse school system participated in this initiative. Malik Faisal Qayyum who is the director of customer value management and analytics at Telenor, mentioned most noteworthy words in a statement:

“As one of Pakistan’s premier telecommunication and digital companies, we consider it our responsibility to educate people of the power of internet and the responsibility that comes with it”

He was very happy on this great achievement that made his country feel proud, hence in addition to the above words he thanked the students of BeconHouse, and commenting on this he added:

“We are humbled by this unique achievement which would not have been possible without the support of students from Beaconhouse School System. We are delighted that our combined efforts have brought this honor to Pakistan.”

Executive Director Beaconhouse Nassir Kasuri shared his excitement over collaborating with Telenor.

Telenor’s vision of on safe usage of internet is in line with ours, and together we pledge to create awareness about safe internet usage in our schools as well. Our students must know how to keep themselves and others digitally safe.

So, It was a really great achievement by Telenor Pakistan, we really give them tons of best wishes and we are waiting, that they will provide many more chances to our nation to feel proud at all times.

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