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Pakistan can become an Export Powerhouse – World Bank


Pakistan can become an Export Powerhouse – World Bank

According to the latest World Bank report South Asia has the potential to be among the fastest growing exporting region in the whole world.

The competition of economy can be improved with the productivity of firms in countries like Pakistan and entire South Asia aims to a better standard. In order to improve the countries should focus on the Business environment and connect to global value chains, along with that leverage clusters and strengthen firm capabilities should be the objective.

The report also states that the countries should consider to pay more attention on less researched areas which include role of cities and clusters, global value chains and the abilities of the firms to use resources.

The World Bank’s Director for Pakistan, said that Pakistan, in particular, has important strategic endowments and development potential. Located at the crossroads of South Asia, Central Asia, China and the Middle East, Pakistan is at the heart of a regional market with a vast population, large and diverse resources, and untapped potential for trade.

Hence, the countries in South Asia can easily maximize their share in the global markets of electronics and motor Vehicles if and if they use the fine productivity polices. According to the report within no time Pakistan can leverage the benefits of its cities clusters by actively mitigating congestion forces and facilitating access to industrial land.

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