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Pakistan all set to kick off Gwadar port international trade activities today


Pakistan all set to kick off Gwadar port international trade activities today

Finally, the wait is over as Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be inaugurating the first international trade activities of Gwadar port from today. This is going to be a historic day for Pakistan, it will mark the first trade activity of CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor).

The Prime Minister House released a statement on Saturday:

 “This is the onset of the progress that has been awaited for years. But now this journey will continue till the times to come, we are crossing a new milestone into a new era of international relations,”

From past few days, the first Chinese trade caravan of around 100 trucks entered Pakistan from Kashghar. The caravan traveled throughout the Pakistan and finally reached Gwadar on Friday. The convoy reached Gwadar under the foolproof security of Pakistan Army.

The Pakistan government is doing certain things to make Gwadar a developed city of Pakistan. A special dedicated land is already allotted for the Free Trade Zone. The businessmen will be getting special concessions on using Gwadar’s Trade zone and Port.

CPEC carvan

On the priority basis, two more zones are being established including Mineral Economic Zone and Industrial Park Processing Zone. The good thing is all these resources worth of 25 billion rupees are being provided to Baluchistan government for development of the city.

Another project is in works worth of 11.5 billion rupees to provide fresh drinking water by making sea water drinkable. This project will be completed by the end of this year. To make sure city has best medical facilities, existing 50-beds hospital is now upgraded to world class 300-beds hospital.

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For local Balochistan youth, the government set up a technical institute where special courses are being taught to produce manpower for the Gwadar port. The CPEC priority projects are in the energy sector that’s why a 300 MW power plant is set up to fulfill the requirements of Port city. This power plant will be later connected to national grid.

The Gwadar city is garlanded with a new international airport to facilitate investors from around the globe. To provide security, a special force is organized, which surely will boost the confidence of investors. Additionally, in next couple of years, the port city will be connected with other parts of Pakistan via rail network as well.


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