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Pakistan now produces more than 1,000MWs of clean energy


Pakistan now produces more than 1,000MWs of clean energy

The CEO Alternative Energy Development Board(AEDB) Amjad Ali Awan annouced that Pakistan has now become a member of the exclusive club which produce more than 1,000 megawatts of electricity though renewable energy sources. Wind, power and bio gas resources are utilized for this clean power and 1,135MWs of energy has been achieved uptill now.

The capacity of this electricity will hopefully increase to 1,185MWs when the project which is under Pakistan China Corridor(CPEC) will be installed.


Alternative Energy Development Board(AEDB):

The AEDB is further planning to increase the electricity capacity by solar power panel which will be 1,1756MWs by the end of year 2018 whereas the wind projects will be producing more than 1,000MWs after two years. AEDB further revealed that the letters of interest had been issued to several projects in order increase biogas-based electricity to 375 MWs by the end of year 2019, the sugar mills will be further contributing up to 500 MWs electricity to the national grid station. Thus the country will be producing more than 3,000MW’s of energy with the help of renewable energy sources.

It was also said that 1,135MWs of energy was acquired in the year 2013 while 57percent of the this energy was gained by last year, while Gharo-Jhimpir wind corridor sindh all alone has the potential of generating 32,000 MWs to 35,000 Mws of energy.

This now frames the clear image of their work which is now government’s responsibility to actually utilize the power of the renewable sources for the production of clean energy in Pakistan.

The AEDB now plans to value the wind projects in Sindh for installing the site solar panels for the generation of more clean energy on more larger and clear scale. They definitely now encourage the internationals finance donor agencies for the construction of national grid stations for evacuation and onward transmission till power distribution companies of the area.

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