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These Pakistan raw voice talents will drop your jaw of amazement


These Pakistan raw voice talents will drop your jaw of amazement

We’ve been blessed with so many wonderful things in life that even if we spend our whole lives thanking God for what he has given us we won’t be simply able to do it. We can’t even count his infinite number of blessings. Our senses are one of his major blessings and the talent he has given us to use them in so many different ways, its just magnificent. Here in Pakistan where everyone is so talented, one just can’t find a platform where he or she can be represent. Sadly, people don’t get enough chances or they’re mostly not financially strong enough to go for their dreams and passion. Or even if they want to, they just can’t risk the living of their family for it. Here are some super talented Pakistani’s with extraordinary vocals.

Talent of Pakistan

1# A Fruit Vendor

This fruit seller in Pakistan sings so beautifully the song known as “Batain yeh kabhi na tu bhoolna”, in his video which went viral on internet for quite sometime. The name of this talented guy is “Tahir Zaman”, his inspiration is Ghulam Ali Khan. People of Pakistan really like his singing and he was invited by many news channels for interviews including Duniya news.  He also appeared as a guest in a show, “Mazak Raat”.

2# Little Boy on Bus

The little boy on bus with his beautiful voice, entertain all the passengers. This boy lives in Lahore and belongs to a poor family , certainly he cannot afford education. We hope this talented guy gets a platform for his bright future.

3#  Young Naat Khawan


This young Naat Khawan made everyone cry by his wonderful voice. This little boy was highly appreciated by Amjad Sabri(LATE), who earned his name in Sufism.

4# Talented Old Man

The voice of this old man is so fascinating, you’re definitely going to love it

5# Pakistani Sanu Kumar

The story of this Pakistani Kumar Sanu will astonish you for sure. We definitely need a better platform for the vocalists like these who will make us proud as nation.


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