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Pakistan has rated as World’s most affordable country in the Telecom and ICT sector

pakistan wef 2016 report


Pakistan has rated as World’s most affordable country in the Telecom and ICT sector

“Global Information Technology Report 2016” just has published by WEF- The World Economic Forum recently. According to this report, Pakistan has ranked as the best country concerning Telecom and other ICT services throughout the world.

According to this program, countries are rated for their financial status including few other factors like growth, consumptions, and other general impacts.

This report highlighted that Pakistan’s telecom communication and technology market have the lowest price scale in comparison to other markets throughout the globe. This report has examined the most relevant indexes of 139 markets globally and evaluated them against each other.

you can not say that the criteria for rating level of this report is linear, it has different rating levels like main indexes and subindexes. A country is rated upon pillars which are the fundamental rating level.

These values are aggregated to get the final index which called Networked readiness index, according to this Pakistan scored 110 out of 139.


So far, Pakistan ranked this only in concern with affordability but it is keep staying in the row to move this rank even much high to any other good position.

As other subindexes are concerned Pakistan ranked lower. Pakistan is ranked at 104 positions out of 139 countries. But it is trying to become more and more stable in other economic sectors too.

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