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Pakistani CV Wala: Creatively designed CV makes teen a millionaire

pakistani 25 page cv


Pakistani CV Wala: Creatively designed CV makes teen a millionaire

Anything or anyone can easily get famous and viral in this era of social media. Social media turns a ‘Chaiyee Walaa’ to a fashion model, it helps a 17 years old student to be a millionaire and now a student 27 years old Muhammad Saleem – who made 25 pages CV go get a good job has become a social media sensation and in this post, I am going to discuss his efficiency that made him a social media star in just dew days.

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Muhammad Saleem- A 25 pages CV designer

Muhammad Saleem is a photographer, 3D game developer, and 27 years old Lahori. He has formed a 25 pages long CV that is out of tradition and rules of CV formation. But he did this to make his CV stand out from others and moreover thanks to social media who helped him making his this act viral.


Here is an international blog named |Bar Stool Sports|, it published Saleem’s resume first time on their website.
It says:

Backstory of how I got the greatest resume ever written in my possession–I’m a recruiter and had posted a position on LinkedIn. Normally, I weed out international applicants. There was a higher power looking out for me on this one. It was late Friday afternoon, and I was clicking through some of the resumes when I stumbled upon the greatest piece of literature ever created. Please make sure to scroll through all 25 (twenty-five!) pages of this resume.

Here is the last page of his CV you might get an idea of the whole. You can view complete article along with his resume here.

Think big to get something even half of it in return, as planning and getting good ideas isn’t something great but executing and implementing these ideas get good credit.

Same happened with Saleem when he was creating his CV he didn’t know this is going to be viral throughout the internet without thinking or worried about the sarcastic comments and feedback from people he did what he perused is good for him. We wish him All the best for upcoming opportunities too.

I am not a pakistani, I am Pakistan, I love to live and die here, I love writing especially when it comes to technology & programming (Founder at, Em pure and alive I like music only when I travel and love coding only in the case when there is peace all around.

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