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Pakistan’s 100 Index crossed 45,000 points milestone and staying actively bullish


Pakistan’s 100 Index crossed 45,000 points milestone and staying actively bullish

On Friday, Pakistan’s KSE-100 Index obtained the 45,000-points during early trading hours. The Market points initiated from 44,741 but hit the new record at 45,487 points at 3:45 PM.

195,261,880 shares were exchanged during the early hours and the benchmark index reached up to 1.44% at 45,387 points at the end of the day.

During first working slot, Khurram Shehzad – the Chief Compliance Officer commented in morning news, he highlighted

45,000 marks for the first time in history. [It has] yielded a year-to-date (YTD) return of a massive 37% (28% in USD). The performance has been phenomenal despite massive foreign selling observed during the year so far (YTD foreign outflows USD 219mn).

Shehzad continued while promoting the high side of the picture that this will bring positive signals. Pakistan prophesies many other significant foreign inflows in May 2017, according to MSCI.

Moreover, 3 of the Chinese stock markets disclosed the interest to acquire a much better stake up to 40%. According to authentic sources, these names includes China Financial Futures Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE).

However, Pakistan Stock Exchange desires to draw new expressions of profit concerns too. As two leading names Aisha Steel Mill, B.O.Punjab and the Pak Int. Ended their market at Rs. 15.96, Rs. 17.90, and Rs. 33.67 per share.

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