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Pakistan’s First-ever Cyber harassment Helpline


Pakistan’s First-ever Cyber harassment Helpline

DRF – Digital Rights Foundation  which was founded in 2012, is  basically a research-based advocacy and non-governmental organization which focuses on information and communications technology to support human rights, democracy and digital governance. Digital Rights Foundation(DRF) has taken the initiative and will be launching Pakistan’s First Cyber Harassment Helpline on 1st of December 2016.

The helpline number is 0800-39393.

The launch of this helpline is officially announced in ‘Ending Online Violence against Women’ conference by Hamara Internet campaign of Digital Rights Foundation.


CEO of  (DRF)Digital Rights Foundation – Pakistan

DRF is a non-profit organization which is envisioned to teach and promote digital rights, especially for women. It educates the women on how to respond to online harassment and the organization also deals against regulation giving government bodies extensive powers of investigation online.

The CEO and the founder of DRF Nighat Dad Won the Human Rights Tulip Award this year and she was rewarded with a prize money of €100,000 which she will be utilizing by launching Pakistan’s first-ever Cyber Harassment Helpline and she is up with what she promised to her admirers on the Award ceremony.

The aim of this helpline is to provide a free, safe, confident service to victims on online harassment. The helpline will provide legal advice, digital security, psychological counseling and a referral system to the victims.

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