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Popular YouTuber Zaid Ali visits Pakistan as fans go crazy


Popular YouTuber Zaid Ali visits Pakistan as fans go crazy

The popular Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber widely known for his YouTube username ZaidAliT is known for his comedy videos that he started doing back in 2010. The inspiring personality who is also a motivational speaker is almost approaching 5 million Facebook likes with approx 500k YouTube subscribers on his primary channel.


He also shares his regular life vlogs for which he runs another vlogging channel named ZaidAliTV. The person who we saw first time 5-6 years ago has grown in terms of personality and nature of his sketches, which always have a positive message hiding within them.

His ideology of comedy is amazing where he aims to share content that could be enjoyed together within a family sitting, which is what makes him popular in all age groups in Pakistan.

Now ZaidAli is currently in Pakistan where he shared his latest image on his Facebook page where he seems a bit bulked up.

Aiming to release a lot more videos for the fans, ZaidAli recently posted:


Where fans are thrilled to meet him in Pakistan, ZaidAli might share a spot where fans in Karachi would be able to become a part of his get together which could be ultra-massive, looking forward to his following.

Zaid has previously been on many Pakistani TV interviews sharing comedy in his unique style that always has a serious touch to it. The YouTube celebrity that had a viral video with over 4 million views on YouTube was where the played a prank on his father for him getting filed for consuming marijuana.

His father got furious and it was a scene to be seen.

You can stay updated with his Facebook page post below where he might announce any meeting spot in Karachi or any big Pakistani city.

Hassam is the founder of aPakistani mindset that aims to portray a positive image of Pakistan in all fields. He has also known for his other popular blogs in various niches that earned him a loyal following. As a Pakistani, its our duty to contribute in spreading the positive image of our country InshaAllah and we'd need your support to help us with it.

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