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Punjab Government & Huawei Pakistan collaborate for e-Services in education and health sector


Punjab Government & Huawei Pakistan collaborate for e-Services in education and health sector

Huawei Pakistan and Government of Punjab have recently signed an agreement according to which both the parties intend to come up with various e-Services with respect to health and education sectors in punjab. Health and education are two very important factors on which the society depends. This initiative of Huawei Technology is highly appreciated, the idea of electronic technology in these sectors will definitely help in the progress of this province as well as Pakistan.

Jahanzeb Khan, Chairmain Planning and Development Punjab, on this agreement ceremony said that Huawei Technologies Company has , agreed to set-up e-services pilot projects in four hospitals, one university, one college, one high school and one elementary school free of cost in Punjab as its pilot projects. Jahanzeb Khan was present along with the Chief Excecutive Officer (CEO) Huawei and Secretary Specialized Healthcare Punjab.

Health and Education Sectors:

The technical assistance in health sector will be provided by Huawei technology in hospitals including Children’s Hospital Lahore, Tehsil Headquarter Hospital and few others. Huawei has also developed medical service solutions with the help of telemedicine application. Hospital Information Management System will be installed in the hospital as it will remote consultations, demonstrations and doctors visits etc.

E-Classroom will be set up at IT Univsersity Lahore which will help in learning and communication with the scholars of the other associated univeristies. A proper monitoring system will be enabled along with live video recording. The online learning will help the improved teaching quality.

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