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Rafay Baloch aPakistani ethical hacking prodigy – Life achievements


Rafay Baloch aPakistani ethical hacking prodigy – Life achievements

Rafay Baloch is the founder and CEO of RHA InfoSec. He is  24 years old young Pakistani who is internationally known as hacking and penetration testing expert.

Completing his education from Bahria University Karachi, aPakistani icon has led his profession as a penetration tester, security consultant, and a technical writer. Music, security research, and cyber crime investigation are above all among his personal interests. Currently, he is Islamabad and he can speak Urdu, English, Balochi, Sindhi and very well (According to Rafay he knows ‘Pashto’ language too but a little bit).

Achievements of Rafay Baloch – aPakistani icon

Network Security and web Application Penetration are the core areas of his interest. His other areas of expertise cover finding bugs and vulnerabilities in Web Applications, Browsers, HTML attack vectors, validating all types of incoming threads over a website and bypassing web application firewalls.

One of his biggest achievement was CVE-2014-6041, a bug that could attack the Android Open Source Platform (AOSP) browser’s Same-Origin Policy (SOP).Being an ethical hacker he has helped out hundreds of organizations including locally or internationally.

His most remarkable achievement was finding out a remote code execution bug inside PayPal system. On this, he has been awarded 10,000$ and offered a job from their headquarter (He did not go as he aims high for its own country’s cyber sector).

Rafay said

He feels great and proud to serve his nation by providing the cyber world a secure future.

One of the most favorable interests is to take part in bug bounty programs organized by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Microsoft, etc.

Rafay, being an ethical hacker he knows how to play while wearing black or white. He doesn’t hunt the bug, but he helped those sites and organizations to fire out that too.

Back in August 2016, Rafay has detected a vulnerability in Firebox and Chrome. He said they way these browsers execute a URL can expose users to malicious websites which frequently seem as legal and secured.

Rafay in his words

He is an information security expert and evangelist. He is listed as `Top 25 threat seekers of 2014` and `The 15 Most Successful Ethical Hackers WorldWide` by SCmagazine for the issues he uncovered with Android. Checkmark has listed him as `Top 5 Ethical Hackers Of World`.

Techjuice has listed him as one of the Pakistan’s 25 high achievers under 25 years of age. Apart from this, he is also Author of “Ethical Hacking And Pentesting Book.” His work has also been featured in many national/international magazines, newspapers, and forums. These include websites such as SC Magazine, Forbes, Yahoo News, Metasploit, threat post etc. His research has been accepted at international conferences such CSP, SecureBrasil, Decamp, Blackhat, etc.

Rafay Baloch’s Interview on VSH News

Rafay Baloch- As an outstanding technical writer and publisher

During the conference at Black Hat Asia 2016, Rafey inaugurated an hands-on session and presentation over Bypassing Browser Security Policies for Fun and Profit.’

-Here you go.

He is just a marvelous technical writer and publisher. His top publications include Modern Day HTML5 Attack And Defence Vectors [June 28, 2014], Ethical Hacking And Penetration Testing Guide[June 1, 2014], Bypassing Modern WAF’s XSS Filters [April 14, 2014] and much more on the topics of ethical hacking, bug hunting, and exploring.

Rafay Baloch – As a Research Expert

Best Researcher Award -Bahria University

February 2015

I received “Best Researcher Award” for the year 2014 from Bahria University for my research on Android Security.

Coupled this he has submitted many CCNP(Cisco Certified Network Professional) research papers.

What inspired Rafay to chase his passion of ethical hacking?

He always looks deep into for the problem or the bug he finds unusual. When he started hacking, he didn’t get much support from his family but later he molded their hearts to support him in his career.

During an Interview Rafay described how he started his hacking journey

It all started eight years ago, when I received a message in my scrapbook which described of software that would increase my notebook number, I installed that software, however, nothing initially happened. However, later I noticed weird activities on my computer as in my screensaver; Desktop background got changed, great mouse movement and several other odd indicators which eventually led me to conclude that my system has been compromised. Later on, after searching on the internet for days and applying different techniques I figured out that my computer is connected and being controlled by an IP address based in Russia, this made me curious on how someone headquartered in another part of this world capable of controlling my computer remotely, but later on I realized that it is how the internet works, this primary purpose behind the Internet was that everyone should connect with each other.

Future Plans & Commitments

In an interview on ARY channel, Rafey Baloch revealed his plans and the reason why he is ignoring the offers from international companies and aiming to serve for his own country.

Currently working on some ongoing projects, on the top of which his hacking hub and penetration testing chain are to name a few. Getting job offers internationally, the well-known Pakistani icon just wants to be here in his country and wills to serve the blessed country for the defense and cyber security sector of Pakistan. He is keen to launch his Penetration Testing company.

He is planning something for his ethical students and fans too. He organizes a time to time workshops for educational purposes too.

Here you go with another supreme talk and motivational speech of Rafay at his own university (BAHRIA UNIVERSITY KARACHI), during which he has given highlighted importance of conceptual learning to chase one’s dreams in the right directions.


Undoubtedly he is a milestone for this land. He left Karachi due to security issues and other threads, but he still loves to serve his country in term of safety, cyber security and defense.

We all wish Rafay the best of luck for his future plans and we urge the government higher ups to take notice of his efforts that could impact the country in a much positive manner.

Here is the message of Rafay Baloch towards the our youth

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