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Pakistani-American, Tanya Panjwani wins international film award for “Making a Difference” documentary

Tanya panjwani


Pakistani-American, Tanya Panjwani wins international film award for “Making a Difference” documentary

A Pakistani-American, Tanya Panjwani currently living in Toronto, has made us all proud by winning a prestigious “Making a Difference” Award for her classic documentary. Her short film was based on the life of a Pakistani Sufi singer, “Sanam Marvi” which is the theme of her short film i.e ay.

Tanya Panjwani received this honorable Award at the Global Community Film Festival which took place in Toronto, Canada.

More than 100 short films were made and out of all of them 25 were considered for screening and only 2 of them were selected for the Award.

Tanya with her skills and talent successfully impressed the honored jury. This dazzling film festival lasted for seven days and the Award ceremony was held on the very last day of the event.


‘Marvi: The Mystic Muse’

The documentary which was approximate of one hour illustrated the Sufi culture of Pakistan, particularly the Sufi culture of Punjab and Sindh. The main idea of the short film was peace and love, which was started brilliantly with the help of Sufi music and poetry.

The clear image of Sufism can be represented by the shrines which Tanya did beautifully by featuring various footage of the shrines of Baba Bulleh Shah, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal Sarmast and a few other very popular names.

The documentary sketched a very beautiful image of the traditions of Punjab and Sindh which are still practiced by the locals showing their gratitude towards these Sufis and thus we can say that they completely succeeded in preaching the message of love and Peace.



This documentary is her first very own project and as we can see she is going to places. Tanya and her work are an inspiration for all of us, the way she is dedicated to her work is commendable.

It is because of the artists like her that keep our heritage and culture alive. This film is important for all of us, as it is our responsibility to keep our culture alive and spread the message of peace and love which Tanya herself believes that oneness of faiths along with the message of peace has been delivered through Sufism for centuries.

Saba is an enthusiastic journalist with a Computer Science degree, that enables her to analyze latest happenings from a creativity techy perspective.

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