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How much will UberAuto Rickshaw cost in Pakistan?

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How much will UberAuto Rickshaw cost in Pakistan?

American multi-national transport service company has considered launching its Rickshaw fleet under the name of ‘UberAuto‘ as per reports. Previously launched in Lahore and Karachi, the company has been running Uber cars which haven’t been able to shake the local transport system yet, due to in affordable fares.

uber rickshaw

Note that over 60% of the locals can’t afford motorized transportation system in Pakistan while, while there is around 16% public transport available that fuel the local transport system.

Only 24% can afford private transport.


This is exactly the case Uber has decided to launch their low-cost rickshaw service after their car cab network. Though Uber’s rickshaw service is yet not officially announced though considering the previous fare model, we have a couple of speculations to make.

When the California-based transportation network launched their rickshaw services in India, the pricing model was as below:

( = Indian Rupee)

  • Base Price: 15
  • Per Km: 3
  • Per Min: 1
  • Min possible fare: 15

Looking forward to this, we can expect a similar price model in Pakistan (Lahore and Karachi) when UberAuto launches and as per Pakistani currency the breakdown could possibly be:

  • Base Price: 23 Rs
  • Per Km: 4.7 Rs
  • Per Min: 1.5 Rs
  • Min possible fare: approx 35 Rs
UberGo fare

UberGo fares from Allama Iqbal Town to DHA Phase 1, Lahore

There is no yet official statement from the company on UberAuto service for Pakistan yet, though we hope that the fare package would be much more affordable then UberGo car service that costs average of around 6.5 Rs per km.

UberAuto’s terms of services in India were as following:


Note that the public wagons in Islamabad on average cost around 1-2 Rs per km which is quite affordable and most of the local residents prefer that.

We hope that UberAuto is able to shake the local transport system. The more the competition we have, the better it is for the masses InshaAllah.

Do you think UberAuto rickshaws would be able to stay unlike how it got temporarily discontinued in India quietly with a statement saying:

“We are temporarily removing this product (uberAUTO) to solve specific problems that need to be resolved to help it scale,”

Leave out your thoughts in the comment section below.

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