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Pakistani startup aces in secured messaging platform in competition with tech giants Facebook, Slack, Google


Pakistani startup aces in secured messaging platform in competition with tech giants Facebook, Slack, Google

World IT leaders like Google, Facebook are pacing towards developing their chat platforms that help in community building, in some shape or another. Almost every popular developed country in the world has come up with an in-house solution that would act as a platform for their locals and users around the globe to communicate.

Top chat applications like Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber are housed in the United States while other popular names like WeChat is developed within China, Telegram in Australia, while Line and Kakao Talk being powered by developers in South Korea. India has multiple chat applications like Hike that are growing faster than expected with huge financial fundings at their disposal.

Looking forward to the online communication landscape around the globe, a much-needed question arises for the purpose.

Is it about time that Pakistan gets its own chat application that could offer a highly subversive experience, offering to feature set that the top communication apps and platforms in the world offer?

Why we haven’t yet tapped a huge potential of the local market where we could host the communication data of Pakistan, instead of lending that towards any foreign apps, giving away such an important data of our users.

Filling this very gap, a Pakistani startup Workmatec has come up with a comprehensive solution, developing an all in one chat platform, to tap the communication requirements of the Pakistani internet user base.

Kazola Chat – Multidimensional Communication Platform

Platform named Kazola, aims to offer much more than just a chatting environment, that is what makes it an all in one chatting platform, that features AI-Based chat bots, applications, and third-party services being able to deliver the content, all unified within a modern chatting interface.

Kazola Chat offers an instant chat experience much competitive to the top players in the market like Google Allo and Facebook Messenger, helping the users not only chat to the people but also interact with the artificial intelligence bots to call a third party service, as and when required.


Kazola Chat offers end to end encryption of the chat, giving users the confidence that their data is in secure hands, especially knowing that it’s housed within Pakistan instead of being exposed to any foreign elements.

Knowing a Pakistani startup building such an effective platform that gave chat multiple dimensions in the shape of AI-Chat bots, human to human interaction and most importantly, being able to utilize the power of third party services is a huge feat in its self.

Try Kazola

Kazola offers a free version for the beginners that look forward to giving a test run to the service. You can checkout more on the Kazola pricing and Getting Started page. There are also other enticing chat specific features like local desi stickers, emoticons and GIFs coming to the Kazola chat in upcoming builds.

Hassam is the founder of aPakistani mindset that aims to portray a positive image of Pakistan in all fields. He has also known for his other popular blogs in various niches that earned him a loyal following. As a Pakistani, its our duty to contribute in spreading the positive image of our country InshaAllah and we'd need your support to help us with it.

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