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[World Record] Pakistani climbs world’s most dangerous road in 4×4 reverse gear


[World Record] Pakistani climbs world’s most dangerous road in 4×4 reverse gear

Mirza Aman is a daredevil who drove his 4×4 in reverse gear to climb one of the world’s most dangerous roads. He is a Pakistani driver from Shimshal, Gilgit-Baltistan, who has now made history with his 4×4 vehicle.


The road on which he drove his 4×4 vehicle in fours and thirty minutes for 60 kilometers is considered to be the world’s highest road, this definitely requires a lot of courage. The road to Shimshal is filled with every type of risks. It is slim, winding, excessive above the Shimshal River and unpaved, land sliding makes it even more horrifying in winter season.

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Very skilled drivers are required for this road who even carry luggage or even if we talk about passengers one cannot even think about driving on this road in reverse. As mentioned earlier the roads are very tiny, any vehicle that accidentally gets off unpaved road have no chances of survival as far as the passengers are concerned.


Mirza Aman, took this risk with great enthusiasm and courage, he not only survived but also successfully completed this journey. His milestone comprising of 60 kilometers which was from Passu to Shimshal was greatly acknowledged by the locals of Passu.



Passu is a small village located on the Karakoram Highway, upriver of Gilgit.  It is surrounded by snow caped mountains. Passu Glacier is right in front of the village. The residents of this village are known as Wakhi as they speak their native ‘Wakhi’ Language. The people of this village witnessed this whole scenario by themselves and they really enjoyed it.

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