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ZONG layout a 4G internet street lab for a local community students

zong 4G setup 4G street lab


ZONG layout a 4G internet street lab for a local community students

Change can never be easy either for a nation or for a single soul but who make it happen, called aPakistani. Since years Pakistanis’ tend to bring positive change with the positive vision to conquer the world the and yes it is paying off.

“In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.” Said Dalai Lama.

To join the hands in this step telecommunication giant ZONG started a campaign |a state-of-art| which provides a 4G internet lab to facilitate street children of a local community at Mashal Model School.

Mashal Model School located in Islamabad near Bari Imam. It is registered trust based school which is providing education of 860+ students with the involvement of government and community.

More than 50% of the students runs their families despite being younger in their family they play the role of the eldest ones and are bread earners. They have never been to school or any other alike place.

Zong with its “New Hope” volunteers and active staff collaborated with Mashal Model school and set up a 4G internet lab and enabled Mi-Fi connectivity with laptops. Administration of the school dedicated a separate room for this and renovated to it a whole new look.

Zong 4G Street Lab for Mashal Model School

The ones for whom even books are nearly new and seem like the other world welcomed the virtual world of internet with much excitement. Zong’s volunteer conducted many session to make them aware of internet usage.


Not just this Zong is working really hard to spread the technology and its brighter aspect to every small town and street of Pakistan. Zong started a campaign called ‘NEW HOPE’ and under this theme, it organizes many such events which are worth admiring. Zong encourages its employees to donate few hours to work for volunteering activities for indigent and needful people of society.

Certainly, the one of its kinds 4G lab for a local school is a tremendous act done by zong and it got an amazing response from the society. It will raise the awareness about the internet and will bring a positive change throughout.

We as a Pakistani nation wish Zong and it’s innovative and radical volunteer to continue doing this to make Pakistan feel proud and smart in all term of technology.

I am not a pakistani, I am Pakistan, I love to live and die here, I love writing especially when it comes to technology & programming (Founder at, Em pure and alive I like music only when I travel and love coding only in the case when there is peace all around.

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