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Zong joins KP’s ‘Sehat Sahulat’ Program


Zong joins KP’s ‘Sehat Sahulat’ Program

Zong is now in a partnership with the Health department of KP in order to support its ‘Sehat Sahulat Programme’, which is basically an extensive health insurance scheme.

The MoU ceremony which was held in Peshawar regarding this partnership, graced by the Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr. Parvaiz Khattak. Zong’s senior officials were led by Mr. Li Wenyu, Chief Financial Officer. Dr. Riaz Tanoli, Managing Director “Sehat Sahulat Programme” and Mr. Shahram Tarakai, Provincial Minister for Health were also a part of this event.

According to the MoU, Zong, which is in collaboration with the provincial Ministry of Health, will provide around 1.7 Million SIMs to household beneficiaries of “Sehat Sahulat Programme”. Sehat Sahulat Program is an extensive five year health-care initiative launched by the government of KP in December last year that aims to improve access to health care of marginalized factions of society by improving their access to quality health services.

This partnership is basically a very extensive five year health-care program which is initiated by the government of KP in order to improve the access to health care of marginalized fractions in the society. This programme is an excellent image of governments contributions along with the corporate sector, as far as the commendable results are concerned. Together both the parties can work together for introducing the health reforms which is the dream of all the Pakistanis.

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