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The top 10 best Cuisine in Karachi

In the city of Karachi, you will find people from all over the world. The city has a unique mixture of religions, castes, and creeds. You will find people from all walks of life living in the city of Karachi. The city is known for its food and culture. If you are hungry or in search of the best cuisine in Karachi, you can just look for a restaurant or food joint that serves your favorite dish. If you are looking for a cultural experience, you can visit the city’s museums, art galleries, and theaters.

Here are the top ten best cuisines of Karachi.

1-Kababjees Highway:



Contact: 021-111-666-111

Working Hours: 01:00 PM – 01:00 AM

Google Rated: 4.4 (253) Reviews

FoodPanda Rated: 4.3 (1000+) Client feedback

Kababjees highway takes first place on the list because of its delicate steaks and desi bread(food). You will get to know the interesting fact about Kababjees highways it is one of the largest and finest restaurants in Asia. Five to ten thousand people at the time can visit Kababjees highways even though its parking area is sizeable and great that two to three average restaurants can open there.

Customer Feedback:

It’s a complete package in terms of good outdoor/indoor entertainment for kids, availability of air-conditioned mosques, a bakery, and outdoor dine-in. Staff conduct was exemplary. Serving time and food standards were also great. Might be a bit expansive however a discount is available on a no of cards. Must check before going.

Raza Zaidi : Google Map

There are 16 branches of Kababjees out there in Karachi which also includes Kababjees bakers and expressway.




Contact: 021-111-111-001

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday (02:00 – 08:00 PM)

Google Rated: 4.5 (167) Reviews

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0 (100+) Client feedback

Kolachi is also one of the oldest and best cuisines in Karachi town. Kolachi is famous for its Do Darya branch because of its crazy view of the sea and astonishing beautifully wooden dining area which looks so cool. Do Darya branch worth of money it’s kinda bit expensive but if you want a pleasureful ambiance with delicate food around the sea with white pigeons flowing on it at night so who says no? Wish I can attach pictures of its sea dining area. Their specialty is sizzling Chicken steak and Kolachi Karahi. I would propose everyone just give a try to this masterpiece. For your kind of guidance, I would recommend reserving your seats online before going to it.

3-Javed Nihari:


Contact: +92-311-4422-786

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Google Rated: 4.3 (13590) Reviews

Foodpanda Feedback: 4.3 (1000+)

If you are a meat and strew lover then Javed ki Nihari is the right place for you. The thick juicy strew with bone marrow will definitely lick up your hands. When it comes to nihari none other nihari can beat the taste of Javed nihari I can bet on it.

Javed Nihari is one of the oldest spots in the city of Light KARACHI. The Owner Javed itself and their grandfathers serving for people over food when they were at Hindustan(Delhi)

After the partition, they came here and seek refuge in Pakistan and serving to the people of Pakistan (Karachi).

4-Al-Rehman Biryani:


Contact: +92-314-7737-426

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:30 AM – 12:00 AM)

Google Rated: 4.3 (7125) Reviews

Foodpanda Feedback: 4.0 (1000+)

The city of lights is famous for its biriyani, there are so many top spots of biriyani out there in Karachi and it is hard to decide the number 1 one biryani. It’s my personal analysis and experience that Al Rehman biriyani is the best Biryani out there.

If you have craving for biryani then Al Rehman biryani will definitely satisfy your taste buds. Al Rehman biryani has officially started 18 years ago till now they are going with full energy and serving flavourful biryani to the Karachites.



Contact: 021 111 525 745

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday (12:30 PM – 11:30 PM)

Google Rated: 4.3 (11990) Reviews

TripAdvisor Rating: 4.2 (453+)

Did you want a perfect buffet? If yes then Lalqila is the place you loved to visit. The barbecue and prawns of Lalqila are very much Worthy. The crispy Prawns lollipops and delicious Afghani tikka will make your tongue crazy.

There are so many varieties of barbecue, desi food, and desserts that you cannot remember their names properly.

The theme of Lalqila attracts the people mostly because of its peaceful ambiance and the designs of the building related to the Mughals period. I personally like Lalqila a lot.

I would say Lalqila is the place where food and serving will never disappoint you.



Contact: 111-Ginsoy (446769)

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday (12:00 PM – 12:00 AM)

Google Rated: 4.3 (23590) Overall Reviews

Foodpanda Feedback: 4.4 (1000+)

Big fan of desi Chinese food? If yes Ginsoy is the next destination. Ginsoy provides you with a supremacy ambiance with good Chinese posters around the wall.

I’m a big fan of Ginsoy hot and sour soup even my mum also loves it. The saucy jalfrezi, the hottest chicken chili dry and crazy mix chow mien will blow your mind. It has a total of 11 branches and 9 of them are located in Karachi because the people of this city loved this Chinese food.

7-Del Frio:


Contact: (021) 111 454 647

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

Google Rated: 4.3 (13590) Reviews

Foodpanda Feedback: 4.3 (1000+)

Del Frio is one of the finest casual ambiance restaurants. The taste of the food the ambiance and the staff were so collaborative and superior. The coffee of del Frio is one the most recognized coffee in Karachi and some peoples including me are big fans of its latte and cold coffee. I would recommend everyone to give try del Frio and try their lunch it is definitely worth it.

8-Broadway pizza:


Contact: 021 111 339 339

Working Hours: 24/7

Google Rated: 4.7 (43000+) Collective Reviews

Foodpanda Feedback: 4.2 (7660+)

Broadway pizza is famous for its big blender pizza with juicy sauce inside the crust. One month ago Broadway make the world’s biggest pizza slice in the world and challenged people to finish the pizza in 30 minutes but the actual twist is that only three people are allowed to compete in this challenge and the winner will get 5 lakh rupees! Crazy na?

Broadway pizza is one of the oldest pizza spots in Karachi and it has a total of 23 branches in Karachi which is absolutely perfect for pizza lovers and more branches around Pakistan.

9-Burger lab:


Contact: 021 111 112 522

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 PM – 03:00 AM)

Google Rated: 4.4 (10000+) Reviews

Foodpanda Feedback: 3.9 (100+)

The story of burger lab is very interesting I don’t want to get into detail but I’ll briefly explain how it started! It was started by two young brothers who belong to an upper-middle-class family. His older brother loves to cook even though he went to Dubai and met with experienced chefs around the world. They started 8 years with an investment of 26 lakhs and now they have 27 branches.

They have a very big heart and liver and enter competitive markets of burgers. where the outlets like McDonald’s, KFC, and Hardees were at their peak. They thought the is a gap between burgers and Pakistanis wanted good quality burgers at a fair price. Both brothers grind and now results are exposed to everyone! Cheers and kudos to both brothers. Burgers of burger lab are one the best burgers in Karachi! The people love it doppler burger which has juicy broasted chicken with cheese.



Contact: 021-111-529-233

Working Hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM – 02:00 AM)

Google Rated: 4.3 (13590) Reviews

Foodpanda Feedback: 4.1 (9000+)

Kaybees is one of the unique and pocket-friendly restaurants out there in Karachi. It is serving for people over 3 decades. It is a call to action where you attack mouth-watery and delicious food. Kaybees is famous for its burgers, sandwiches, fried chicken, grilled items, and a variety of lip-smacking goodies.

I’m a big fan of its creamy mango ice cream and it’s purely noteworthy.


These are one of the most finest and well-known food outlets out there in Karachi, their food will never disappoint I can take half surety of it and half surety will take the restaurant itself, and they will never let you down and dishearten your foodie’s heart.

If you any kind of help regarding the best cuisine in Karachi you can comment your concern.

If it’s possible for me I can help you. So till now take care of yourself beautiful people.

Never say less about the food, enjoy till your last breath.

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