The Legend Of Maula Jatt box office collection

  • Across domestic and overseas markets, The Legend Of Maula Jatt has been a roaring success.
  • The legend of Maula Jatt is on a historical run globally as tallies exceed a monstrous 200+ Crore. The film reached the 200-crore mark across all channels, and it’s appearing overseas just as fast with 100+ crores already reported from there!

As a remake of the blockbuster Punjabi movie “Maula Jatt,” The Legend of Maula Jatt has a budget of 45 to 50 crores approximately. Director Bilal Lashari reveal in his interview with The movie has to be released in Pakistan on 400+ screens in all the major cities and is expected to collect 300+ crores at the box office. and the prediction was right.

The Legend Of Maula Jatt box office collection dominates national and international cinema as expected. Critics and analysts had expected the hype to do something for the film. 


Pakistan’s most anticipated movie is performing exceptionally well at the box office. Looking at The Legend Of Maula Jatt’s box office collection figures, it appears that Bilal Lashari made this film to break the records.

The Legend Of Maula Jatt Box Office Collection All The Time

The Legend of Maula Jatt earned more than 220 Crore till now, and Bilal Lashari has confirmed it. Overall, The Legend Of Maula Jatt movie has collected PKR 100+ Crores worldwide on its first opening weekend. In Pakistan, the movie collected 86 Crores and in overseas Pakistan, it secured 120+ crores, breaking every Pakistani movie collection record.

The world-class direction of Bilal Lashari made history and broke records by listing 1 top performer at UAE Cinemas and at 4 in Canada, beating many Indian Punjabi and Hindi movies. Bilal Lashari The Legend of Maula Jatt leaves behind Ram Setu and Thank God in international markets, and earns more on its 13th day than its opening day. The legend of Maula Jutt become the highest Punjabi-grossing film Worldwide beating Carry on Jatta and Saunkan Saunkan records.


The movie has broken the record for occupancy ratio at many cinemas worldwide.

Those are some numbers that the filmmakers aspired to. Some analysts predict that the movie will be a big success on Sunday, directly competing with the Indian movie KGF2.

Previously, the movie had generated 80 crores in its first week.

First Day Collection9.3 Crore
Second-Day Box Office9.7 Crore
Third-Day Box Office 5.7 Crore
Fourth Day Box Office (Sunday)10.2 Crore
Fifth Day Box Office Collection 8.6 Crore Estimated
Tuesday Box office Collection7.4 Crore Estimated
Wednesday Box office collection 8.9 Crore
First Week Total Collection 80.98 Crore ($3.6M)
10 Days Box office Collection 100+ Crore
Total Box office Collection till Now220 Crore
The legend of Maula Jatt box office collection

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The Legend of Maula Jatt First Day Box Office Collection

PKR. 9.3 Crore (RS 93 Million)

According to our sources, It has broken all the records and collected 4.9 crores domestically and 4.4 internationally on first-day release all over the world. This is a record-breaking number for the preview shows of any Pakistani film and it is more than the lifetime collections of many Pakistani cinema releases. Despite not being released on Friday and Sunday. Box office projections indicate it will cross scores and collect higher in the coming days. As announced by Bilal Lashari, all the revenue generated from its opening day will be given to the flood victims of Pakistan.

The Legend of Maula Jatt Second Day Box office Collection

PKR 9.7 Crore (PKR 97 Million) second-day box office entry.

As expected, there is a huge rush at the movies on Friday. At the box office, our sources claim it has crossed the 10 crore mark and collected 9.7 Crore on Friday.

Blockbuster The legend of Maula Jatt Third-Day Box office Collection.

PKR 5.7 Crore (57 million PKR)

On its third release day, it’s estimated that it’ll hit the record, but due to the working day, occupancy might decrease. It collectively manages to earn 5.7 Crore worldwide. But, according to some reporters, it occupies a massive amount of space in the overseas Pakistani community. There is no doubt that this pre-blockbuster movie was much anticipated by the audience. No matter whether they know the Punjabi language or not, Pakistanis are going crazy. Although we have seen some vlogs where English speakers love and rate movies highly.

Fourth Day (Sunday) Box office Collection

Sunday is always known as movie day. It is common for people to watch movies with their families on Sundays.  On its fourth day of release, The Legend of Maula Jatt collected 4.7 crores in Pakistan. Globally, it has accumulated 5.5 Crore. According to the figures, the Legend of Maula Jatt has collected 10.2 crores so far on Sunday.

Fifth Day (Monday) Box office Collection of The Legend of Maula Jatt

Official figures have not yet been released, but some media sources predict the film collected 8.6 crores at the box office and broke the cinema occupancy record.

Tuesday Box office Collection

According to reports, the movie earned 5.4 crores at the box office and became the fastest-growing movie in Lollywood history.

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Overseas Box office Collection

According to Bilal Lashari, the movie has collected 76 crores from overseas Pakistan and is screening on 70+ screens in the USA and 82 screens in the UK. There has been a huge buzz in overseas Pakistan. Many fans are also waiting for its release in India, but no confirmation has been made yet.

North America Box Office Collection

The Legend of Maula Jutt becomes the first Pakistani film ever to hit the $ 1 million mark in North America. The film is unstoppable to break the record in North America as 2nd Friday has come similar to the first Friday.

First Week Collection: $941k

second Friday $115k

Total $1.05m (23.35 Crore)

Uk Box Office Collection

According to an official source, The Legend of Maula Jatt beat many Indian movies in Uk and unstoppable broke the record. TLOMJ is having an unprecedented run in the UK. The Film grossed a solid £ 25k on the 3rd Tue which is more than the Day 1 number of most Indian films in the UK.

Week 1. £ 543k

Week 2. £ 364k

3rd Weekend. £ 121k

3rd Mon. £ 17k

3rd Tue. £ 25k

Total. £ 1.07m (27.28cr)

Canada Box Office Collection

In Canada, The movie has collected $525K through Sunday.

UAE Box office Collection

In UAE, Movie has performed number 1 at the box office.

Saudia Arab Box Office Collection

Weekend $97,833

Weekdays $42,274

Total $140,107 (3.05 Crore)

Australia Box Office Collection

ThursdayA$ 33,096
FridayA$ 59,649
Saturday A$ 81,750
TotalA$ 174,495 (2.36cr)
Source: @Boxofficedetail

Who is behind this masterpiece VFX and Visual?

Lucid Studios, that have previously worked on Marvel movies including Venom, Black Panther, and Avengers, has worked on the VFX for The Legend of Maula Jatt. The action seen in the film has been choreographed by the team that worked on the popular Hollywood films Gladiator and 300.

Crew Cast:

  • Fawad Khan as Maula Jatt
  • Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Nath
  • Mahira Khan as Mukhoo Jatti
  • Humaima Malik as Daaro Nattni
  • Gohar Rasheed as Maakha Natt
  • Shafqat Cheema
  • Shamoon Abbasi
  • Nayyer Ejaz
  • Faris Shafi
  • Arsalan Cheema
  • Mohsin Shahzad Bagga


A tweet was posted by Bilal Lashari on Twitter announcing the addition of more cities based on popular demand.


It’s Raining Records For The Legend Of MaulaJ att. After RRR, The Film Now Crosses the Mega Budget Ranbir Kapoor multi-starrer Brahmastra (£ 1036k) In the UK. The Film’s Gross After the 3rd Monday Stands At A Record £ 1.045m (26.43cr)!

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  1. I just finished watching movie, and it is the best movie I have watched in years. The time and attention to detail that went into the production was extraordinary. What really caught me off guard, though, was the acting by Hamza. It was so amazing that it felt like I was watching a performance on stage! Highly recommended

  2. I’ve been catching up with The legend of Maula jatt films lately and I have to say, I’m very impressed.

    if this box collection report is correct then its good start. I hope it cross the 300 crore milestone.

    It’s always refreshing to find a Pakistani film that not only features relatable stories, but also draws you in with its production value. The performances are believable and the soundtracks are great. At the current price point, it’s worth your money!

  3. I didn’t watch it yet but heard from so many people it’s the best movie.
    super excited to watch it!!!!!!!!
    watch it soon 💓

  4. The moves was super fantastic loved the visuals
    the lines were brilliant Punjabi at its best when
    Its comes to hard core scenes all setup was amazing the dialogues the characters the direction the time it was set like an medieval times
    loved it from start to finish..mulah was class but noori stole it for me…
    There will not another Mulah jatt like this
    BRILLIANT!! ❤️🇬🇧

  5. Absolutely fabulous Pakistan industry brings the best in punjabi films.. this was an epic experience
    We hope it will release in my home country India
    Need to be watched in cinema experience
    It was spot on loved it
    Big fan!

  6. I watched it on Friday.. I love the time which I spend in cinema at that was Goose bump. Noori natt stole the show . I will go again next Sunday with my friends

  7. Watched Maula Jutt from Malaysia . It was a tremendous work. I don’t know why a few scenes were cut . But Over all I m impressed n soooo proud to watch Pakistani movie in Malaysia..

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