Today’s Copper Metal Rate in Pakistan

Copper, as an electrical conductor, offers enhanced reliability and safety compared to many other materials. Its resistance to heat is a primary factor contributing to this heightened safety. Additionally, copper, being both cost-effective and malleable, is a preferred choice for electrical installations in construction projects. If you seek high-quality copper for your electrical needs, this blog provides the necessary information. Without further delay, let’s examine the updated copper prices in Pakistan for 2023.


Copper finds extensive utility in the realm of electricity, boasting a myriad of applications. Notably, the utilization of copper scrap is widespread in Pakistan alongside newly extracted copper.


When comparing the rates of fresh copper and copper scrap in Pakistan, you’ll observe that the latter is more cost-effective, making it a popular choice. Without further ado, take a look at the table below for the most recent per kilogram copper prices.

Copper Price in Pakistan Rate Per Kg

Today’s New Copper Rate in Pakistan – PKR 2,400 – 2,550
Today’s Scrap Copper Rate in Pakistan – PKR 1,660 – 1,670

*The copper rates per kilogram in Pakistan provided in the above table may vary from the current market rates. These listed prices are intended solely for reference purposes and budget estimations.


Best Copper Brands in Pakistan

Here is a list of some widely recognized copper brands in Pakistan:

  1. Pioneer Cables Limited
  2. Veracom International
  3. Musleh Trading
  4. Ganar International
  5. Pearl Cables and Conductors
  6. Orient Trading Company
  7. Ali and Company
  8. I&H Trading and Manufacturing
  9. Bushra Enterprises
  10. Mian Mohammad Feroze and Sons Enterprises
  11. Future Traders
  12. PM Engineering
  13. Petro Sourcing
  14. Mirza Traders
  15. Maaz 360 Private Limited
  16. System Electrical and General Equipments
  17. Copper World
  18. Atta Steel and Copper Industries
  19. MM Enterprises
  20. Trading Strings

Copper in Home Electricals

Copper, with its excellent conductivity and resistance to heat, has consistently been a favored choice for electrical wiring, equipment, and connectors in residential settings. Virtually everything related to electricity in your home relies on copper wiring as the fundamental component of its operation. Whether you consider your water pump winding or the electrical outlets installed in your house, copper is ubiquitous in these applications.


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