Diesel and Petrol Prices Increased By Rs 5 Per Litre

Because of an ascent in unrefined petroleum costs on the global market, the public authority expanded the cost of petroleum by Rs5.00 per liter on Thursday and the cost of high-velocity diesel (HSD) by Rs5.01 per liter for the following fourteen days.

The cost of fuel has ascended to its most elevated level in Pakistani history after the public authority declared a Rs 5 per liter increment, carrying the new cost to Rs123.30 per liter.


Lamp fuel and light-diesel oil (LDO) rates have additionally been expanded by Rs5.46 and Rs5.92 per liter, separately.

In Pakistan, petroleum is generally used in autos and cruisers. Diesel is generally used in farming and transportation. Lamp fuel is utilized for cooking in country places when Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) isn’t accessible. In the mechanical area, LDO is utilized.

As per Petroleum Division sources, the past excessive cost of petroleum was Rs 120.83 per liter, which was reported in July 2021.


All petrol merchandise is moreover dependent upon a 17 percent general deals charge (GST). Besides that, it gathers petrol demand (PL) on these things, which is paid straight by clients.

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