Pakistan loses Rs.250 Billion annually due to Oil Smuggling

The Oil Marketing Association of Pakistan has said that carrying petroleum and diesel is the primary obstacle in kicking new oil outlets. As a result, the nation is losing Rs250 billion consistently because of the threat of pirating alone.

Because of the public authority leading one more review of the downstream oil area, the Oil Marketing Association of Pakistan, a group of little oil advertising organizations, has said that “One more Audit has been begun by the DG Audit of the Directorate General Oil.


An investigation of the letter gave to the 25 Petroleum Companies informed with regards to the review yields some intriguing realities: Of the six treatment facilities of Pakistan, just two are tended to, and of the 23 Oil Marketing Companies, 60% are those with individual pieces of the pie of under 0.5%, the OMCs said.

This is one more in a progression of reviews of the Downstream Oil Sector since Mid-2020. The Inquiry Commission Report, ready by a senior official of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), had been deliberately given all information to leading the legal review focused on by the said Inquiry Commission.

The OMCs said that “all things considered, we yield that this is a significant issue. Sneaking petroleum and HSD from an adjoining nation has been a rotting issue for longer than ten years. These outcomes not just in the offer of low-quality item or item which not exclusively doesn’t meet quality details relevant to the Pakistani market, however, the cost is much underneath the pertinent market cost accordingly multiplying the carrying business”.


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