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In today’s digital age, staying connected and having access to essential services is crucial. The power sector plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of a country’s infrastructure, and reliable electricity distribution is essential for economic growth and prosperity. However, issues and complaints related to electricity distribution can occur, leading to disruptions and inconvenience for consumers. To address these concerns efficiently, the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO Online Bill Checking Company) has implemented an Online Complaint Tracking system, empowering consumers to report and monitor their complaints conveniently.

Understanding FESCO Complaints


FESCO is a prominent electricity distribution company serving the city of Faisalabad and its surrounding regions. As with any utility provider, FESCO may encounter complaints from its customers regarding issues such as power outages, billing discrepancies, meter malfunctions, or service disruptions. Previously, consumers had to visit FESCO offices in person or make phone calls to register their complaints, which could be time-consuming and challenging.

The Need for Online Complaint Tracking

In light of technological advancements and the growing demand for efficient customer service, FESCO recognized the importance of providing an accessible platform for complaint registration and tracking. The introduction of online complaint tracking brought a revolutionary change, streamlining the process for both consumers and the company.


Benefits of Tracking Complaints Online

The online complaint tracking system offers numerous advantages. It allows consumers to register their complaints at any time, from the comfort of their homes, without the need for physical visits or calls. Additionally, consumers can monitor the progress of their complaints, ensuring transparency and accountability. For FESCO, this system provides valuable data insights, enabling them to identify recurring issues and implement targeted solutions for enhanced service delivery.

How to Register an Online Complaint with FESCO


To register an online complaint with FESCO, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the official FESCO website.

2. Navigate to the “Complaints” section.

3. Provide your account details and contact information.

4. Select the nature of your complaint from the available options.

5. Describe the issue briefly but clearly.

6. Submit the complaint form.

You may also file a complaint through 

The Process of Tracking FESCO Online Complaints

Once a complaint is registered, the consumer receives a unique complaint ID, which serves as a reference for tracking. By logging into their FESCO account or using the complaint ID, consumers can check the status of their complaints. The system provides real-time updates, keeping consumers informed about any progress or actions taken to address their concerns.

Tips for Effective Complaint Tracking

To make the most of the online complaint tracking system, consider the following tips:

1. Keep your complaint ID safe for future reference.

2. Check for updates regularly and be patient during resolution.

3. If the issue persists, escalate the matter through the appropriate channels.

Ensuring Data Privacy and Security

FESCO places a high priority on the security and privacy of consumer data. The online complaint tracking system is designed with robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring that consumer details remain confidential.

The Impact of Online Complaint Tracking

The implementation of online complaint tracking has had a profound impact on FESCO’s customer service capabilities. Consumers now experience quicker complaint resolution and increased satisfaction with the overall service. Additionally, FESCO benefits from a more efficient and data-driven approach to address systemic issues and improve its operations continuously.

Real-Life Success Stories

Numerous consumers have experienced the benefits of FESCO’s online complaint tracking system. For instance, Mr. Ahmed, a resident of Faisalabad, reported a prolonged power outage through the online system. Within a few hours, FESCO dispatched a team to resolve the issue, and Mr. Ahmed received regular updates until power was restored.

Future Developments in Complaint Tracking

As technology advances and customer expectations evolve, FESCO continues to invest in enhancing its complaint tracking system. Plans include the integration of artificial intelligence for automated complaint resolution and a mobile app for even greater accessibility.


FESCO’s online complaint tracking system has proven to be a game-changer for consumers and the company alike. It has revolutionized the complaint handling process, making it more efficient and transparent. With the continuous improvement of this system, FESCO is committed to delivering the best possible customer service experience.


1. Can I register multiple complaints through the online system?

   – Yes, you can register multiple complaints using the online system.

2. How long does it usually take for a complaint to be resolved?

   – The resolution time may vary depending on the nature of the complaint, but FESCO strives to resolve complaints promptly.

3. Is the online complaint tracking system available 24/7?

   – Yes, the system is accessible round the clock, providing convenience for consumers.

4. What if I forget my complaint ID?

   – Don’t worry; you can retrieve your complaint ID by providing the necessary account details.

5. Can I track the progress of my complaint without logging in?

   – No, you need to log in to your FESCO account or use the complaint ID for tracking updates.

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