Zarrar Movie Box Office Collection

The high-action thriller anticipated movie Zarrar, starring Shan Shahid and Kiran malik, was finally released on November 25. The movie has already grossed an impressive amount at the box office. Let’s take a closer look at what made this movie such a success. The movie earned 2.14 crore on the first day of its release. Zarrar has collected PKR 16 crores worldwide so far.

The newly released Tich Button will surely give this film lots of competition. At the domestic and international box office, The Legend Of Maula Jatt, which was released six weeks ago, is also competing with Zarrar.


Here is a list of all the shows and occupied seats for the film Zarrar in various regions of Pakistan on its opening weekend. Karachi and Lahore performed best, while other areas mixed.

Zarrar First Day Box Office Collection

DayRegionsBox Office Collection
1stDomestic1.34 Crore
1stInternational0.80 Crore
First Day TotalWorldwide2.14 Crore
First day

Second Day Zarrar Box Office Collection

The box office for Zarrar grew by 40% on its second day of release.

DayRegionsBox Office Collection
2ndDomestic1.56 Crore
2ndInternational1.17 Crore
Second Day TotalWorldwide2.74 Crore
second day

Zarrar Total Box Office Collection

Zarrar has collected more than PKR 7.88 crores worldwide so far.


Critical Acclaim

Before its release, the movie was celebrated by critics for its unique premise and powerful performances. It was praised for being a gripping patriotic drama and foreign language that showcased a different side of Pakistan cinema than we are used to seeing. This critical acclaim helped build hype around the film before it even hit theaters, leading to increased ticket sales on opening day.

Tich Button Box Office Collection – A Big Competition between both movies

The Star Power of the Cast

The star power of the two leads in Zarrar cannot be denied. Both Shan Shahid and Adnan Butt are very well-known in Pakistan and have large fanbases that will flock to see them in any movie they appear in. This added another layer to the film’s appeal and contributed significantly to its box-office success.

Marketing Strategies

The marketing team behind Zarrar also played an important role in boosting ticket sales. They utilized multiple platforms such as television ads, digital campaigns, and social media to spread awareness about the film throughout India and beyond. Their efforts paid off—Zarrar opened with a bang!


Crew and Cast

NameRole Name
Shaan ShahidZarrar
Kiran MalikKiran
Zia KhanZia Khan
David LauranceDavid
Nadeem BaigMajor General Mustajab
Nayyar EjazSalman Shah
Adnan ButtMaheer Singh
Bilal Chaudhry Bilal Ahmed
Rasheed NazFahimullah Khan
Shafqat Cheema Ravinder Kaushik
Tamer GuvenRomanov Kovovich


In conclusion, Zarrar was an undeniable hit at the box office due to its positive reviews from critics, stellar cast, and effective marketing strategies. It is yet another example of how big stars can drive up ticket sales when combined with great storytelling—and it is likely that we’ll see more movies like this in the future as filmmakers continue to experiment with new ideas within Pakistan cinema.

Note: The figure has been claimed by some industry analysts and media outlets. Please note that this is not an official figure; we’ll update it as soon as we receive the official figure.

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